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A note for David Cameron

People didn’t dislike Gove because he’s a man. Teachers didn’t despise him because his glasses reminded them of the hipsters they are faced with when teaching in secondary schools. 711 more words

27 X Chromosomes and even more testosterone

I’m always quite weary when it comes to asserting an idea about Feminism: mostly because of my penis. However, there are some aspects of the movement that I feel quite comfortable discussing and these include hot-button topics like representation and discrimination, as I come from an ethnic minority background so I can identify with some of the struggles that women face in getting themselves taken seriously. 815 more words


The End of A Great - Brandon Minichiello on the End of William Hague

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Last week William Hague resigned from his post as Foreign Secretary to take up the more gentle role of Leader of the Commons.   488 more words

David Cameron

Repellent Misogyny - Rania Ramli (LABOUR2) On the Downing St Catwalk

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Last week’s reshuffle was dominated by one woman in particular. A woman who had barely been promoted.  Esther McVey stole the headlines due to her performance on what was being dubbed ‘The Downing Street Catwalk’.  574 more words

David Cameron

British Conservatives Must Show The Courage Of Their Convictions

David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle dominated the news over the past week – at least, until it was totally overshadowed by world events in Gaza and Ukraine. 1,190 more words


Warning Signs Flash - Ashvarya Madhani (LAB1) On Cameron's Reshuffle

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David Cameron’s reshuffle has been widely praised by right wing commentators.  His decision to promote women into his cabinet, replacing the male, pale and stale was met with credit in the Mail.   525 more words

David Cameron

Crucial For Women and The Youth - Saadia Sajid (TORY1) On The Reshuffle

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Last week David Cameron went above and beyond what was expected of him when it came to  the number of changes made to his cabinet.   761 more words

David Cameron