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April 7. Today's thought - Cacao Beans

Good Morning

From Hugs for Chocolate Lovers, Bicket and Brandon

Turning cacao beans into chocolate is a long and difficult process.
Cacao pods are hand sorted, crushed, and then roasted. 246 more words

Today's Thought

So what is cacao?

1. Bean-like seeds from which cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made.

2. The small tropical American evergreen tree that bears these seeds, which are contained in large, oval pods that grow on the trunk. 137 more words

Food For Thought


 Cacao nibs are outer layer of cacao beans that were separated after roasting and broken into smaller pieces. It’s like the “undesired” part of the cocoa bean that has to eliminated before the actual processing of the chocolate begins. 63 more words

Food & Restaurants

Woodchuck Cellar Series Hard Chocolate Cider by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC

Rating: 5/5* Cider Rating

Woodchuck Cellar Series Hard Chocolate Cider by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC is a 6.9% ABV Apple Cider brewed with Cacao beans. 346 more words

Anime Beers :P

Multimedia essay 1: Money did grow on trees

Today chocolate coins are a common holiday candy, especially during Hanukkah when they are given to children as gelt.  Chocolate coins are common gifts or prizes for school-aged children, too.   878 more words


Chocolate & Luxury

Cacao beans, and the products that descend from them, were all highly valued in the early societies of Mesoamerica.  The beans were considered so precious that even Ferdinand Columbus, viewing with his foreign eyes how reverently they were treated, was able to understand their importance on some level.   596 more words