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Using APC(Caching Mechanism) with PHP.

What is PHP APC:

  • Alternative PHP Cache, one of the most popular caching mechanism for PHP’s op-code caching.
  • Once activated, it starts caching PHP codes automatically.
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How to Install WordPress Super Cache Plugin in WordPress on Local server ?

The following tutorial would show how to install WordPress Super cache plugin.

Step 1: Download WordPress Super Cache from WordPress website.

Step 2:-Copy downloaded file in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content and extract it (In order to copy and extract ,super user acceses would be required) 217 more words


Caching Plugins for WordPress Websites !!!

Caching in WordPress can be achieve with the help of plugins. There are many plugins that are available which are used for caching. The following are most common caching plugin… 304 more words


HTTP Caching in Java with JAX-RS

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HTTP caching is an easy and oft-ignored option to speed up web applications. It’s standardized and well implemented in all modern browsers and results in a lower latency app and improved responsiveness. 656 more words


In my previous post we have seen simple caching using plain PHP. Here we will learn how to implement caching using Framework. We will use ZendFramework-1.12.3. 913 more words


A Thought Experiment – Super-Scaling Magento

This post is a thought experiment on how to super-scale Magento. That is, how do you design a system to be able to scale in multiple order of magnitude increments. 3,821 more words


My Views on handling website load (Basic version ;-) )

Handling load depends upon various things. May be I am not the right guy for this but I can share my thoughts over it. I made a flowchart which depicts basic website modal:- 496 more words