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Block caching in Magento

Everyone knows what a caching is, but to put it simply, it is a mechanism to store (save) data that is frequently accessed but rarely changed in order to have a faster response time. 437 more words


What Is DNS? - DNS Resolution and Caching

Here are the solutions for DNS Resolution and Caching?

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Caching in Rails 4

For caching based on ActiveRecord array i.e. single key for all restaurants

Your helper function which is available throughout the app

module RestaurantsHelper
def restaurant_promotion_key # to use this check file pages/home.html.erb…

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Inside Apple’s special event live stream's epic meltdown

“Apple’s live stream of the unveiling of the iPhone 6 and Watch was a disaster today right from the start, with many users like myself having problems trying to watch the event,” Dan Rayburn writes for Streaming Media Blog. 457 more words


InvalidCastException when using MemoryCache in Custom CRM Workflow Activity

I have been struggling with the following error all morning.

I have a custom workflow activity in CRM 2011, that generates a PDF summary from CRM records. 338 more words



Has anyone tried this?  I signed up for it a few years ago (with an account through geocaching.com) but this was before I had a smart phone and I wasn’t going to buy a handheld GPS unit.  274 more words