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OPcache is bundled with PHP 5.5.0 and later, and is available in PECL for lower PHP version.
OPcache improves PHP performance. OPcache stores precompiled script bytecode in shared memory on first request. 145 more words


F5 LTM Caching 10.x Code

An overview on F5 LTM Caching for 10.x code version


F5 LTM Cache

  • F5 LTM RAM Cache is used to cache HTTP objects in the F5’s RAM.
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BigIP F5

Netflix Exec Shoots Down Offline Viewing, Says Wi-Fi Everywhere Is The Better Solution

You’ll probably never be able to store your Netflix shows offline the way you can with your Spotify or Rdio music tracks, according to Netflix’s senior management. 293 more words


K2 for SharePoint and SharePoint 2013 Distributed Cache Service

Recently I heard about situation when there were issues with installing K2 for SharePoint application related with missing Distributed Cache Service on SP server (there were related errors in SP logs and errors when adding K2 app in SP). 233 more words


First time to use BootDev (beta version)

This tutorial is talking about how to do your first BootDev Deployment.

Actually, BootDev Beta is released and there are 2 plans for trial.

Basic Plan – Support for single instance and database for basic requirement… 151 more words


Before your BootDev deployment, you should have a AWS account and Bitbucket Account

Before you start to use BootDev to do your website backend deployment, you should have AWS Account and Bitbucket Account.

AWS Account – provide a AWS key ID and key secret  165 more words


Why BootDev -- For website builders' Backend as a service (wBaaS)

Recently, we launched a project, bootdev which deploys a configured Drupal site (Drucloud) into a pre given architecture into users’ personal AWS account. We call it website backend as a service (wBaaS). 293 more words