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  • Caching is a data processing and data access optimization technique.
  • It increases these performances by storing results of computations or copies of original data in a data storage location, usually the memory or CPU caches, as these locations usually have faster access speed than the storage in which the data originally resides, such as the disk.
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Non-Functional / System Qualities

Joker is Cool But Not the New Popcorn Time

A new web-based torrent service has been making headlines with some heralding the arrival of a new Popcorn Time-style tool. But while Joker.org is very slick and provides better privacy, the service is more vulnerable in two key areas – centralization and rising costs. 132 more words

Web Tv

Resting Place

While I hate to say it, sometimes geocaching has to be put on the backburner for a period of time while other things are attended to….and after spending the majority of the semester chasing caches and my end-of-semester deadline looming, it had to be done. 2,541 more words


Caching using zend framework(1sT sTEP tOWARDS zERO tO hERO)

In this blog we will discuss how to cache your whole project. When we run our project, php interpreter enters into the public/index.php file and after interpreted the project source code, again it comes out through… 497 more words


Geocaching Fun!

Ok, I really like geocaching. It’s fun but can be difficult, especially when the co-ords are off, the last person who found it moved it or there is nothing to be found in the first place. 253 more words


Using APC(Caching Mechanism) with PHP.

What is PHP APC:

  • Alternative PHP Cache, one of the most popular caching mechanism for PHP’s op-code caching.
  • Once activated, it starts caching PHP codes automatically.
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How to Install WordPress Super Cache Plugin in WordPress on Local server ?

The following tutorial would show how to install WordPress Super cache plugin.

Step 1: Download WordPress Super Cache from WordPress website.

Step 2:-Copy downloaded file in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content and extract it (In order to copy and extract ,super user acceses would be required) 217 more words