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Gee, how was it been a month already? (Or another poem)

So, you know how I said I had two other poems to add? Yeah. I just realized that I posted that a month ago, and the poems have been hanging out in my folder. 260 more words


It is important to find the correct cadence in your life. A few weeks ago, my knee started hurting me. After talking with a few cycling folks, I think the issue was that I was using too high of a gear, causing me to strain at a low cadence instead of pump fluidly at a faster cadence. 348 more words


How to Improve Running Cadence

Cadence is a key component of efficient and economical running (along with good posture and proper foot strike). Cadence in running means your turnover or stride rate; in other words, the number of steps we take per minute. 406 more words


Look what the mailman brought me

Today I got the watch I’ve been longing for so much. Nerdy as I am I bought a radian watch, which shows the radian unit circle instead of the hours, and in the background it’s the Archimedean spiral. 63 more words

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor for

The speedometer also gives an indication of your own level of fitness. For example, you may be used to riding at the speed of 30 kph, and you find that you can’t maintain that speed for more than 30 minutes during the ride. 248 more words


Form Matters

You cannot improve what you do not measure.

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that I’m following a training plan from The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton…

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More common cyclist mistakes:

After the success of the last post on going too hard and not allowing yourself the time to recover effectively, I thought I would use this week’s blog to write about a few more common mistakes that cyclists often make. 830 more words