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Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed Cadence Sensor for

The speedometer also gives an indication of your own level of fitness. For example, you may be used to riding at the speed of 30 kph, and you find that you can’t maintain that speed for more than 30 minutes during the ride. 248 more words


More common cyclist mistakes:

After the success of the last post on going too hard and not allowing yourself the time to recover effectively, I thought I would use this week’s blog to write about a few more common mistakes that cyclists often make. 830 more words


The case of system validation and early SW development before silicon is available

MediaTek Quick to Market with Palladium

Watch this video to learn how MediaTek is meeting its time-to-market, power, and design quality goals with the Palladium XP II platform, part of the Cadence System Development Suite. 1,068 more words


Jarv Bluetooth 40 Cycling Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor

The new ipod touch is cheaper by $100 and if you have a limited budget, you can always opt for this device. The memory of the new ipod… 294 more words


cadence- are you doing it wrong?

Everyone has an opinion (and is an expert) on optimal cadence in cycling.  We are going to look into what optimal can mean for you, and which cadences will best fit your objectives.   1,192 more words


Running With Benoit

Benoit ~
He had gone by Gideon’s place to check on him when he had seen his trash. There were several bottles of liquor in the trash and they weren’t all empty. 875 more words

What is Kanban? An introduction.

Working more and more with Kanban and Scrum methodologies made me create a presentation deck for a basic Kanban Introduction. Here it is , I hope you like it. 59 more words