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Lenny Welch - If you see my love

“If you see my love” by Lenny Welch was first released in the UK on London HL-A 9910 in July 1964.


Using ANT+ sensors with smartphone apps

Hopefully you read my last post; if so then this is the promised ‘next post’ and you’ll know that I recently got a pair of ANT+ sensors from Garmin to go with my Sony Xperia Z2. 899 more words


42t Extreme gearing???

Talking of cadence, check out this 42t dinner-plate of a cassette that I built on a new 11speed Whyte the other day. Although at nigh on £300 each for a cassette, I think I’ll pass.

Best bike for hill training?

In the lead up to the Porlock hill climb, I did three weeks worth of training on my old Marin bobcat- adapted for road use with slick tyres and narrow handlebars. 217 more words

New Garmin ANT+ sensors for my smartphone

One of the downsides of my Quad Lock mount is that now I want to see more data displayed on my phone in real time. And real time data means ‘sensors’. 907 more words


Lenny Welch - Ebb tide

Lenny Welch continued his run of successful recordings with “Ebb Tide” which was first released in the UK on London HL-A 9880 in April 1964.