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Are We Stewards Or Pillagers?

Here’s a very solid insight from Greg Krumm:

…We have progressed as humans in the basic chores of humans such as sewage control, trash pick-up, crop rotation and recycling…Our collective human intelligence should enforce the theory that we are stewards of the Earth as opposed to pillagers … By using human intelligence for protecting our home, climate control as a problem becomes more solvable. 206 more words


General Motors recalls 92,221 trucks, SUVs for ignition lock defect

DETROIT – General Motors is recalling 92,221 full-size trucks and SUVs for a defect in ignition lock systems that can cause safety problems in hot conditions. 108 more words


General Motors Spends $3.9B To Redeem Preferred Stock

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DETROIT (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — General Motors Co. says it has completed the planned $3.9 billion purchase of 156.1 million shares of preferred stock. 258 more words


New Cadillac Escalade Includes MOBILE THEATRE & OFFICE! (VIDEO)

This made me feel 2 things, extremely jealous and extremely poor. *sigh* Maybe one day, if I become Donald Trump’s next wife or something. (Just kidding, not even this gorgeous vehicle is worth that) 187 more words


Cadillac Escalade 2015 | كاديلاك اسكاليد ٢٠١٥

قمت بتجربة الكاديلاك اسكاليد ٢٠١٥ مع احد السائقين المحترفين في الكويت الاخ مبارك الرميضي، السيارة جدا جبارة عن سابقتها بمحرك ذو ثمان اسطوانات بسعة ٦.٢ لنر و ثمان غيارات و بقوة ٤٢٠ حصان و عزم ٤٦٠ عند ضغط ٤١٠٠، تجربتي لهذه السيارة الامريكية فريدة من نوعها حيث وجدت الفخامة في هذه السيارة و التي تحتوي على الخشب الطبيعي في جميع اجزاء السيارة، لمن يسأل هل تصلح هذه السيارة للطرقات البرية؟ الحواب لا فهذه السيارة تحتوي على الـ٤ ماتك و هو نظام ذكي بحيث يتحول للدفع الرباعي عند الحاجة، على وجود عزم عالي في الاسكاليد الا انها للطرق الوعرة فقط و لا تستطيع صعود اماكن مرتفعة و ذلك لوزنها الثقيل جدا.

The strange tale of the two Studebakers stored in the bushes

“Clunk, clunk, clunk” was the sound of a shovel as it struck an unseen object deep in the dense tangle of blackberry bushes.

Maple Ridge excavating contractor Dale Pennock had come to the Langley farm east of Vancouver to look at a 1964 Studebaker Avanti restoration project that the owner had given up on and wanted to sell. 772 more words

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Cadillac offers Massage Seats in two 2015 models!

No time today to make it to the spa or schedule a visit with the massage therapist, no problem. On two 2015 models, Cadillac is offering front driver and passenger seats that can knead, roll and relax your back as you drive. 288 more words

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