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First time mum has planned C-section due to placenta previa

Luckily for me, I live in Cork so had no problem accessing the home birth scheme. I had always known I would want a home birth, having little faith in hospital based care and fully trusting in the birthing process. 2,425 more words

Birth Stories

Encouragement for C-Section Mamas

Surprise of all surprises, C-section birth has become a topic I am passionate about. It has been almost three months since Joey was born (has it really been that long?) and even now new feelings and emotions and memories come up. 2,171 more words


On the penalties you pay for believing in women

On the first day of my first obstetrics rotation as a medical student, I got to attend a birth. I was assigned to shadow one of the staff obstetricians. 1,423 more words

Snap back to reality (...oh there goes gravity)

It is only 10:40pm (relatively early for me) and for some reason I can’t stop yawning, my eyelids are drooping, my movements are slowing and I’m drooling a teeny tiny bit. 703 more words

The Birth Story of Our Little Girl

I remember 2 years ago, on the early morning of this same date, February 9, I was so eager to see our baby girl. Since I was already admitted in the labor room the night before, I was awakened early for induction of labor.   353 more words

Baby Girl

C-section, live.

Yesterday, I had the tremendous privilege of being a good friend’s birth partner. This was the first time I had ever done anything like it, and it also happened to be a planned caesarean, something of which I had no experience either. 168 more words


C-section births may be linked to obesity later in life

New UK research has found that C-section birth is linked to obesity later in life. 38,000 births were analysed and researchers found that the odds for being obese were 22 per cent higher for people born by C-section than for those born naturally. 248 more words