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The longer-term effects of CS for breech in Denmark

Something is rotten …

Well, I suppose a backlash was inevitable. Due to the campaigning of women and the willingness of a significant number of health care providers to provide women with a real choice when it comes to breech childbirth, the argument for re-skilling to better support breech births has been gaining momentum. 1,254 more words


Child-birth (according to me)

My sister says that there’s something empowering about giving birth 100% naturally. She describes it as this sense of wonder that her body, HER body, is capable of enduring and surviving such incredible pain to bring forth another little human being. 316 more words

All Natural

1976 and the Birth of Cooper Lee

In the summer of 1976, several things were ‘afloat’ .. the biggest in my life was the baby in my womb growing ever larger and showing no signs of wanting to see the light of day. 668 more words

Family & Friends

Natural Born Male Impregnated by Science

It’s no secret that a married man has already given birth in 2009. Thomas Trace Beatie, a public speaker, author, and advocate for transgender and sexuality issues with a focus on trans fertility and reproductive rights is that man. 648 more words

Caesarean Section

Life After The Big Day

You often hear about the perks of motherhood, but there is nothing like witnessing your child’s first breath, or holding them close after hours of labor. 346 more words

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Fighting the fear of pregnancy and birth

I always knew I wanted a baby, but for many years I had a fear about the whole process.

Everything I had seen and read about the process seemed like pregnancy and birth was scary. 1,257 more words


I'm lousy at pregnant...and not much better at delivery - Part II of IV

In March of the next year, we were pregnant again and over the moon! That was until the standard ten-week ultrasound check found no heartbeat. 3,391 more words