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CAF 2014: Kanso Audio Furniture wants to be your beast of burden

Aaron Hoffman’s Kanso Audio Furniture may well be the most high-tech audio racks out there. They’re also kind of stealthy.

You wouldn’t notice, for example, that each shelf is a laminate of several different materials, “chosen for their levels of hardness, density and anti-resonance characteristics” with elastomers used between the layers. 302 more words


CAF 2014: Surreal Speakers gets a field coil and 24 subwoofers, The Hulk is impressed

At CAF this year, Surreal Speakers was demonstrating that there’s really no such thing as too much bass. Generally, this is a message I can get behind. 265 more words



English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur will not release Flying Eagles forward Musa Yahaya for next month’s final 2015 African Youth Championship qualifier against Lesotho on August 15. 72 more words


CAF 2014: Live Sound Designs makes the old new again and the crowd goes wild

Howard Swayne of Live Sound Design re-created a classic RCA bass horn, added a replica of an Altec 1505, threw in some Altec amps restored and modified by Tom Tutay of Transition Audio Designs, and wiped away some 70 years of audio advancement. 349 more words


CAF 2014: The Voice That Is reaches for stars with TIDAL Audio, Bricasti and Aurender

I’m pretty sure it’s a sign of old age when you start referring to your stories by number. Or maybe it’s just superior indexing? Ah, well. 906 more words


CAF 2014: High Water Sound cleans my clock with Hørning, TW-Acustic and Tron-Electric

Jeff Catalano is something of a legend on the audio show circuit, and may well be the only man I know of even more militantly pro-vinyl than… 627 more words


Capital Audiofest 2014 Starts Friday

This Friday marks the Fifth Annual sonic block party known as Capital Audiofest.

I’ve been lucky enough to track this show from its inception; in fact, this may be the show that redirected this site and my orientation to audio’s high-end. 368 more words