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Fast & Loose Friday Sketch

A very fast and very loose pencil sketch (with a little help from a “pigment liner” 0.2).  I was in two minds whether to post it, but ah well all efforts count in the end.   18 more words

[Food] Cafe Rouge

One of the first French restaurants we went to when we arrived in London is Cafe rouge. Basically it is called cafe red in English. It is franchise basically it is similar number to Pret stores around London. 187 more words



Right, so it has come to that time where I am forced (on a fairly frequent occurrence) to get into a tin can and go airborne over oceans and land. 337 more words


Champagne With Kisses

Perfect way to start the day; sadly only on a Saturday! Busy girl :)

Kisses is what my boyfriend heard when I said “cassis”, but both work for me!

Edinburgh Chat