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I want to sit in a cafe, in a small town, on a rainy day, eating a piece of pie

Discovered something handy!

P and I had lunch at Revive and decided to go to the art gallery, they have this Lego exhibition on right now. It’s pretty cool, you just sit there and build lego! 167 more words

The Tiny Roaster At Clementi

The Tiny Roaster at Clementi occupies a corner of a HDB block and it is indeed tiny and so the name is very apt.

Despite its size, the cafe is pretty comfy though there isn’t any cushy chair. 215 more words


Colophon Cafe

This cafe is on the underside of Village Books in Fairhaven. I have been there only twice, but both times I have been very impressed. This past month I’ve been participating in Sustainable Connections Eat Local Food Challenge. 137 more words


I Sat in a Cafe and Didn't Look Busy

I had about 30 minutes to wait for the bus back home. I decided to spend this time at a café nearby instead of at the bus stop. 436 more words

Thoughts And Commentary

#19 Update Update!

Hey guys, just a quick update, everything has been so hectic for me lately!

After the couple of events I went to to celebrate fashion week, I had a very good friend of mine come to London and spend a few nights here. 314 more words


Mont Ventoux road trip day 1 12th Sept

The day or rather early morning 0430, has arrived. Starting this account sitting in Wetherspoons air side at John Lennon airport with my companions in this adventure Andrew Cockayne and Fraser Welsh. 284 more words