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School Cafeteria Food

I ate cafeteria food growing up. Based on that experience, over the years of teaching in public schools I have avoided eating cafeteria food as much as possible. 438 more words

Wasted Cafeteria Food.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “the Los Angeles Unified School District serves 650,000 meals a day”. Of which more or less $100,000 worth of food are wasted and uneaten. 358 more words

Students Roast First Lady With #ThanksMichelleObama Tweets Over Quality Of School Lunches (DETAILS)

As the obesity rate drops for young people, some students still aren’t happy about the quality of food in their schools.

According to the Daily Mail… 273 more words


My cafeteria food

My P130 (about $3) cafeteria food from the office. Jealous? :)

I always have to remember how blessed I am to be working at my office. It’s the little things.


School Food vs. Prison Food

Oopth. Plop goes your lunch as you stare in disgust and curiosity, wondering what the heck is in that half- thawed meat monstrosity called school food. 561 more words

Julia is enjoying her greek-meatball-sauce in our Cafeteria!

Hey meat-lovers,
our friend Julia enjoyed her greek-meatball-sauce with pasta in our Cafeteria. And again they served a delicious meal with minced meat. The ingredients were half pork/half beef minced meat with a fresh tomato sauce and Julia put some cheese on top. 48 more words

Minced Meet