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Morning Caffe

“No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.”
– Sheikh Abd-al-Kadir


Buongiorno! Prendo un caffè

Here’s a pic of my trusty moka. I use this to make strong coffee with ground beans, usually Lavazza Crema Gusto. Now that’s a proper start to Sunday morning – some freshly brewed coffee with a splash of hot milk.


Why Coffee is a Good Friend

Thinking about the prompt “Express Yourself” after lunch, while waiting for the coffee to be ready, as background music just the typical “grrrrr” sound of the moka pot, it came to my mind that this little object, and especially what it was producing, was a very important aspect of my life. 185 more words

My Life

Bottega Friulana - Portobello Road

I might have mentioned that some of my family come from Italy – Friuli to be more precise. It’s an often overlooked region of Italy, with tourists preferring to visit the Veneto region to the South. 195 more words


Shopping and Lunch at Armani, Milan

Fashion, chocolate, flowers or books… A shopping experience in elegant design

And if you get hungry – take a break at Armani Caffe!



Pause caffè

Una canzone: Domenico Modugno – ‘O ccafè

  Fu Voltaire a dire: “Bevo quaranta caffè al giorno per essere ben sveglio e pensare, pensare, pensare a come poter combattere i tiranni e gli imbecilli”.


A colazione con Giotto

Che bel tempo domenica scorsa ! Incoraggiava ad uscire e a far colazione fuori.

Sottocasa abbiamo molte caffetterie , ma la nostra favorita e’ a qualche isolato di distanza. 93 more words