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A Scientific Approach to Osteoporosis

The human body weaves bone from many different minerals. Although it looks white and solid, it is in fact a porous material that is made from lots of minerals other than just calcium. 2,745 more words



I spent all of last week with a migraine as the result of going cold on turkey on my caffeine habit. Cold turkey? Try not drinking any coffee for two days and see what starts happening to your head. 187 more words


Early Bird and Weigh-In Thursday

After sleeping in all week, today I actually got out of bed at my alarm’s (rude) request even though I had zero plans to workout. There was no reason why I got up other than the fact that although I was groggy, my body felt done with sleep, and so I got up.  410 more words

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Key Strongest Pure Natural Green Coffee Bean Extract Lose

The best herbal appetite suppressants for natural weight loss are those products which contain safe and pure herbs as ingredients capable of reducing calorie intake. Market is flooded with products which claim to possess herbs capable of reducing calorie intake naturally, but most of these are not honest about their claims and instead of reducing hunger naturally slow down body’s metabolism dangerously to cast irreversible side effects. 307 more words

Caffeine Rush: Clever Coffee Mugs Will In No Way Be Empty

Die-tough coffee lovers would give nearly something for a never ever-ending cup of coffee, but because that is not feasible, Japanese design firm Nendo worked with Starbucks to generate the next ideal issue. 18 more words

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Someone is finally forcing Nespresso to open-source its coffee pods

Nespresso no longer has a monopoly on those colorful pods it sells for its fancy coffee machines.

Nestlé, which owns Nespresso, reached an agreement with France’s antitrust authorities… 530 more words

Caffeine Rush: Intelligent Coffee Mugs Will Never Be Empty

Die-difficult espresso lovers would give virtually something for a by no means-ending cup of espresso, but considering that that isn’t feasible, Japanese layout agency Nendo worked with Starbucks to develop the following best thing. 13 more words

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