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#104: The geography of my tongue (part dos)

Nerves tingle
Electrons jump
Neurons spark
The taste awakens
My senses
The chill goes through
And reaches my brain
In a warm summer’s night
In this cold clammy routine… 127 more words


The BEST time to drink coffee


Although your cortisol levels peak between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., there are a few other times where–on average–blood levels peak again, like between noon and 1 p.m., and between 5:30 p.m.

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4-24-13: "THE GODSEND OF COFFEE" (© KPKeelan)


 Coffee! a magical beverage!

Elixir of the Gods,

a great gift to man.

Give it to me baby!

Make it hot-

dark and rich: 132 more words

Kevin Keelan

Thoughts from today: A better caffeine

I’m about to embrace the intertwined strands of DNA that make up any English major: coffee (coffee shops, coffee-stained papers) and thoughts on a page (inspirational, typically enlightened by an everyday life event). 390 more words

A Dark Roast is not strong coffee if you want the strongest caffeine hit

It annoys me the mistakes that are made over teas and coffees. The biggest gripe I have is that dark is not strong. Dark is just burnt, dark is over roasted so that the s=caffeine is cooked out. 343 more words

Getting Organised

Today is a good day.

I desperately (and ya’ll fellow food obsessors know what desperately means) wanted to eat one of everything on the McDonald’s menu this morning.

What did I end up with? 16 more words

Fat Loss

47: Improvement - Caffeine

It’s become obvious to me that my addiction to Pepsi is starting to affect my day to day routine. I’ve become a caffeine addict. I made this discovery over Easter weekend when I didn’t drink caffeine from Sunday to Monday evening. 159 more words