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"Get Up and Go" Review

YAY for my first review on my blogaroo! “Get Up and Go” was kind enough to send me four of their products to try out, and I want to share my thoughts on them! 576 more words

Health: Headed Into Menopause? Consider Caffeine

A new study says caffeine appears to have a positive effect–but it depends on where you are in your menopause cycle. And for those who thought “Obama Care” wouldn’t work–check out just how many people have signed up and have healthcare now–but the big surprise is exactly who is benefiting most. 59 more words


If You're Sincerely Happy...

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I have been the happiest person. I love where I work, I’m living in my dream home, and I have no desire to impress anyone. 74 more words


Migraines, Caffeine and the Low Carb Dream

This morning, I rolled out of bed, had my shower, got dressed and made myself the customary green tea – the only caffeine I allow myself now barring the occasional dark chocolate. 1,031 more words


Will you take caffeine with that?

Last night I went to a very informative sports nutrition evening in which Liz Dene, nutritionist, exercise scientist and international fitness presenter took us through the bascis of sports nutrition. 373 more words

Funny Gift Idea Powered by Coffee Mens Womens Kids Ladies...

Read on my blog: Funny Gift Idea Powered by Coffee Mens Womens Kids Ladies… via Blogger http://bit.ly/1mGk6Hj t, weed, caffeine, Espresso, Starbucks, drugs, latte, nerd, battery, cocaine, Etsy, coffee, steroids July 24, 2014 at 03:43AM


What You Need to Know About Caffeine Powder

Everyone knows the caffeine in a cup of coffee or tea can offer a much-needed boost of energy. But one substance is taking that jolt to a scarier level. 273 more words

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