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When Your Husband Needs You For Your Manure...

Matt and I have a unique relationship. In addition to being soul mates and the parents of our three girls, we also partner together to manage our farm. 515 more words


Our Farm and New York City

Over the years, I have made a couple of trips to New York City to visit college friends as well as to do some volunteer promotion work for the Beef Check Off.  386 more words


Nullifying local CAFO rules

From the Pal-Item, Bill would limit local control of CAFOs:

The legislation would nullify zoning rules in many Indiana counties, including Wayne and Union counties, which have rules governing the placement of livestock facilities.

136 more words

Never Eat a Tortured Soul

You will never have true health and well-being nor the body you’re hoping for if you are eating tortured souls. What is a tortured soul? 634 more words


The Struggle and Plant-Based Diets

It’s important that we make the connections between the health of ourselves and the planet with imperialistic, driven by capitalism, worldwide oppression. Adopting a whole foods plant based diet (vegan, vegetarian part or full time) is one of the most effective ways to influence change as an individual. 321 more words

Freezing in the New Year...

Central Nebraska is ringing in the New Year with frigid temperatures.  Yesterday, the thermometer reported -18 degrees when I read bunks at just after 6:00am.  This time of year, I tend to reflect back to my high school days — sitting in a warm Florida classroom and reading Jack London’s… 333 more words


Doing the Unthinkable

Craig Watts did the unthinkable in the world of a contract chicken farmer and industrialized chicken production. He allowed cameras inside of his chicken houses and showed the world the deplorable conditions which contract growers are mandated to raise chickens under. 424 more words

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