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Giant hog farms are making people sick. Here's why it's a civil rights issue.

The foul stench and pollution caused by North Carolina’s industrial swine farms has long impacted the quality of life — and the health — of nearby residents. 323 more words


When the Piggie Becomes the Big Bad Wolf

“Pop the Pig Game,” illustration from Toys-R-Us website

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, is a moving chronicle detailing how fatherhood inspired him to investigate the American food system first-hand before deciding what nutritional choices to embrace for his firstborn. 1,133 more words

Animal Suffering

Slaughterhouse blues...

Crawling along the 401 at rush hour with my three nine-year-olds, I found myself beside a transport truck full of cows heading to slaughter. While my twins have become used to seeing these trucks on the road, my stepdaughter was in shock. 615 more words

A Day In The Life...

Organic Eggs vs. Commercial

As in the milk industry, organic and free-range eggs are often bad-mouthed as dangerous or less beneficial. In truth, organic eggs are a much safer and healthier alternative. 385 more words

Health & Nutrition

Symphony of the Soil

Among the multitude of newsletters that bombard my inbox, I get one in particular from a certain Doctor who is a proponent of natural and holistic healing methods along with a very intense focus on food quality and exercise as part of a health regimen that he claims will combat many if not most of the health maladies common today such as the various cancers, cardiovascular diseases, glandular issues (thyroid, testosterone, etc.). 744 more words

The Omnivore's Dilemma – A Book Review

By Ali Wetherbee

I recently finished reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan — what an interesting, in-depth book! The term “omnivore’s dilemma” refers to the question of what to eat, when virtually every food known to man is at your fingertips. 2,830 more words