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Giant hog farms are making people sick. Here's why it's a civil rights issue.

The foul stench and pollution caused by North Carolina’s industrial swine farms has long impacted the quality of life — and the health — of nearby residents. 323 more words


When the Piggie Becomes the Big Bad Wolf

“Pop the Pig Game,” illustration from Toys-R-Us website

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, is a moving chronicle detailing how fatherhood inspired him to investigate the American food system first-hand before deciding what nutritional choices to embrace for his firstborn. 1,133 more words

Animal Suffering

Slaughterhouse blues...

Crawling along the 401 at rush hour with my three nine-year-olds, I found myself beside a transport truck full of cows heading to slaughter. While my twins have become used to seeing these trucks on the road, my stepdaughter was in shock. 615 more words

A Day In The Life...

Organic Eggs vs. Commercial

As in the milk industry, organic and free-range eggs are often bad-mouthed as dangerous or less beneficial. In truth, organic eggs are a much safer and healthier alternative. 385 more words

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