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Shark Cage Diving, Gans Baai

If you have already read the title and decided that this activity is not for you then please hold your metaphorical horses! I have two ultimate bucket list items that I thought I would never get round to; or at least that I would occasionally toy with the idea of but ultimately avoid. 2,192 more words


Shark City

Guadalupe Island has become the premiere place to see Great White Sharks in their natural environment.  Located 150 miles off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula and about 250 miles southwest of Ensenada, the volcanic island provides researchers and divers the opportunity to see and learn about the Great White Shark from the comfort of a cage, of course.   96 more words


Because it's Shark Week

Just sharing a little video from when I went shark cage diving with great whites in South Africa. Its only 15 seconds long and my editing skills are sub par but trust me it was even cooler than it looks. 12 more words

Diving White Death

Sharks have always fascinated me and none more so than the infamous great white. Since first watching David Attenborough’s Wildlife on One, I’d envisioned myself experiencing a close encounter with the most notorious of beasts that lurk the deep blue. 1,104 more words

Wildlife Tourism

Under The Boat

Nice views here of two white sharks, one with a lovely speckled sort of pattern on the tail. I love how they simply disappear into the green. 55 more words

Shark Behavior

Taking the Bait: Cage Diving Day One

Many thanks to my “cage mates” Andria and Peter Eisenhauer for this footage of a white shark snacking on fish heads. Seeing that jaw drop down was one of the peak experiences of my life.   18 more words


South Africa: Part Deux

I am trying to write and remember more about South Africa, before the memories take on the feelings of dreams, before mundane realities of day-to-day life in L.A. 602 more words

Marine Conservation