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Meat Production Wastes Natural Resources

This is a great website that highlights how much Natural Resource goes into meat production.

Below I have taken straight from the website because PETA says it best: 1,289 more words


It’s all in our genes, and our choices!

Vegetarians and Veganism has several reasons why people make the switch.  It can be because people want to protect animals and believe in animal rights, some want to protect Mother earth and reduce the levels of degradation in the world.  1,288 more words


The Truth About Our Eggs

Confused by the labels, “Cage-Free,” “Free-Range,” and “Pastured?” If you want to make sure that your egg purchases are in line with your animal treatment ethics, then check out my latest article via Gloucester County Now: … 26 more words


20 Signs You Have Bought Into Every Health Fad

This list is for all my health obsessed friends! It’s also for my parents who regularly give me a hard time about what I eat, but KNOW better than to feed my child gluten LOL. 361 more words