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Vegan - Round 2

It didn’t stick. That whole being vegan thing.

Did I do my research? Simply put, no. I did not. Did I eat a lot of popcorn, lose a bunch of weight and feel hungry all the time? 42 more words

Cage Free

Fresh Eggs

Whether the egg came before or after the chicken isn’t of the matter, the important question is: Which one should I consume?

Grade AA, Grade A, Grade B, white, brown, cage, cage-free, free-range, organic . 341 more words


A moron or terrorist under every rock

Why do folks get upset by the Halal label? Is it because they’re racist bigots or are they simply narrow minded and uneducated?

Spending time on Twitter, particularly if you look at the #auspol hashtag, you’ll find tweeters claiming every refugee and all Muslims are terrorists. 691 more words

A Translation of Food Labels

These days, you can’t just simply go to the grocery store and pick up a slab of meat. (Don’t let’s be silly!) That would be waaayyy too easy. 842 more words


John Mackey versus the McDonald Brothers

Lets pretend that John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, and the McDonald brothers, Dick and Mac, have gathered together for a round table dinner discussion. In a pot-luck fashion, they have each brought different dishes to the gathering… 499 more words

Blog 8- Dialogues

3 Tips to Transition Into an Organic and Sustainable Lifestyle

Recently I was putting away groceries after my boyfriend had gone to the store. To my amazement and delight I noticed most items were organic. We’re not radicals and we certainly don’t make a ton of money. 827 more words