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Inside Havahart 1081 Live Animal Professional Style OneDoor Large

Why it isn’t as easy to trap raccoons as it looksRaccoons are smart animals. They get into trash cans, they can crawl into attics uninvited and they might cause a general nuisance of themselves. 354 more words



No bond to me / You will keep / A slave to the wealthy / Sold dirt cheap

I wrap around / Your soulless anchor / With such a sound / Cuts down your rancor… 147 more words

Mystery poop

Some things are just meant to baffle.  I have given up trying to solve this mystery.

I had been out at work all day.  That morning, all I had done was uncover Cagney & Bezukhov in the Manor & Phineas in the NF (New Ferplast).  155 more words


The Menagerie, the Cage

I just happened across the Star Trek episode “The Menagerie” the other day. That’s the one where they recycled the original Star Trek pilot into a scenario where Spock actually mutinies in order to get his former captain, Christopher Pike, to Talos after Pike became what today we call a “shut-in,” totally paralyzed and unable to communicate beyond “yes” or “no.” 555 more words

Safe TEA First



Since i can remember i’ve always wanted a tattoo. When i was about 16 years old i wanted a flower or a butterfly or stars but thankfully never went out and got it done. 786 more words