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Two pieces at the Akron Art Museum

Frederick Frieseke

On the Balcony (c. 1912-1915)

Richard E. Miller

The Green Cage (c. 1910-1914)



I’m trapped in my own skin;
Trapped in my own house;
Trapped in my own life and choices.
My spirit is free;
it is flying in the deep blue sky; 300 more words


Snippets of a beautiful mind.

Snippets of experiences from past.





Crab Cage by fotoartista

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This is one of the cages the fishermen use to keep the crabs fresh.

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ProSelect Steel Modular Pet Cage with Plastic Tray

Using newspaper to line a bird cage is practical and economical. Those who feel that printed newspaper does not provide a background for thorough examination of the fecal matter, can go in for unprinted newspaper, or paper towels, or plain brown paper, on which the droppings will show off better. 254 more words

Explained ProSelect Large Modular Kennel Cage Graphite

2. Perches: if there is room, several perches are ideal as the parrot will like to move around but they need to be placed high enough so that he can walk around the bottom of the cage. 342 more words

Guinea pig bedding

Things that you can do to your guinea pig or any small animal cage:

  • Wood shavings or any bedding: As long as it does not have any food coloring or dye if and sort and does not have a lot of dust in the wood shavings then your small animal will be comfortable.
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Guinea Pig