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What the Wicked Witch Did

Did you see what the Wicked Witch did?!  She turned me into a lunch bag! 8 more words


Stollen - Rest in Peace

Divinity was rescued along with eleven other Cairn Terrier’s in late November, 2008. This group was affectionately called, the 12-Holiday Confections.

Shortly after Divinity came into my life, I learned about this group, and that one of them had been very sick, and died not long after being rescued. 84 more words

Cairn Terrier

Howlaween and The Rocky Horror

The previous year, I had dressed my boy dog as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  When people questioned his potential gender confusion, I told them that what he had really wanted to dress as was Dr. 117 more words


A Cairn Terrier; November 29, 2010; 143

This was my fathers dog, which I inherited five years ago.  He has decided that my husband is his owner.  I think because he was raised by my father that he naturally goes to my husband.  60 more words


The Blame Game

Mom said, “Ain’t people something, my little pups? They look you in the eye and tell you how wonderful you are and all the while they are thinking something else in that crazy monkey brain. 583 more words

Cairn Terrier