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September: Favorite Person

Recently, I saw a quote that really stuck with me: “It’s not what you have in life, but who you have that counts.”  This hold especially true for me. 399 more words


A year post SDR!

A year ago Dr Park and his team at St Louis Children’s Hospital gave Caitlin and us the best gift ever – the gift of better posture, greater mobility and improved stamina. 468 more words

"I might or might not have threatened his life."

Caitlin on what may (or may not) have happened when here husband warned her that the coffee cake she made for breakfast might not be around in the morning.

Visiting my parents.

The air was smooth and calm as I stumbled through the barren yard that held the graves of both of my deceased parents. The screaming of the snow as I walked was strangely calming to me. 160 more words

Short Stories


The small child glanced up at her mother as they shuffled through the door of the hospital. The small girl was hesitant in opening her mouth to speak asked the question anyway as she knew they were both wondering. 113 more words

Short Stories

August 26, 2014

Caitlin popped in to see the excitement.  It was along match and was very close.  In the end Janice won on the last turn by a small margin.  18 more words