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My Favorite Poetess

Constance, since I am giving clues this morning, I am going to share with you my favorite poetess…the great Gaelic
Singer/Poetess/Activist Caitlín Maude

She is the person that I named our first daughter after, and I was hoping to somehow confer upon her some of Caitlín’s incredible power and sensitivity. 481 more words


Even the Chagal sisters can be naughty

It is strange that even a sweet and kind Caitlin and her sister jiinxi can be naughty during a CBW.  They both seem to like putting others to sleep with their tranq guns :P

SL Diary

"It's a Rocketship!"

A brief pause from the usual antics of this blog. Rainbow Randolph, this one’s for you.

This is a drawing I had been working on when I first started CARL. 407 more words

True Maryland Engagement Photos: Caitlin And Brian by Chic Decorations

Pictures (from left to appropriate): Krista A. Jones Photography
Can you guess exactly where these two lovebirds got engaged? For the duration of an afternoon hike at Scott’s Run Nature Preserve overlooking the Potomac River. 29 more words

Little Did I Know about Chlorinated Waters, Girls Nights, and Saying "I Love You" [Here's to you Caitlin]

This morning started out like most Saturday mornings do, a morning splash in the pool and the thoughts that go with it.  I remember wishing for five more minutes when I woke up… 7 AM came too soon.   381 more words

Erin Mikail

In Defense of Kids and Babies (Part 1)

It’s been awhile since Hannah and I tag teamed a post. I was scrolling on facebook when I saw this post from BeliefNet.com, 10 Things to do Before You Have Kids… 1,101 more words


DAY 39/365

Caitlin told me the funniest story today regarding her walking for miles in her sandals. She is totally hilarious and even though she may have thought she was a mess today, I find her to be so well put together. 30 more words