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Love Bites, Part 2: The Dark Side of Cupid

The Dark Side of Cupid

Warning: that post is absurdly long. It seriously needs some editing, and should be broken up in multiple parts at the very least. 1,857 more words


First Post

This is so I can learn about creating and editing posts.

Love Bites: The Hyperdimensional Reality

The Wave Series is one of the most important knowledge sources I have ever come across. I first discovered it two years ago, posting many excerpts on this very blog. 1,762 more words


penny's super comforting hot chocolate


This afternoon we fancied making something sweet in under 15 minutes (Nathan was going out to play football in the cold and rain) so we asked Penny for some ideas. 385 more words



Guess who is on my mind immediately upon waking up.


Only this is not the harmonious, romantic feeling connoting unconditional love that I had become so accustomed to. 1,011 more words


A Love Story

Dear Caitlin,

I love you.

That simple.

I want to die. Give up. Quit life.

I don’t want to live without you.

I am reduced to the temper tantrums of a 5-year-old, hidden beneath the visage of a pseudo-adult. 751 more words


Name Origins #3

Caitlin is an Irish name, variant of Kathleen or Katherine, generally believed to mean “pure” and pronounced “Cotch-leen” in Irish.  Before the 1980s, almost all Caitlins were spelled with a “C”.  325 more words