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i wish we'd all been ready

What do you do to relax? Some people build old wooden ships in a bottle. I record a DC Talk cover from the 90s.

Don’t judge. 25 more words


The Whiskey Petals Debut!

I’ve been playing in a little acoustic duo called The Low Roaders for a while, but it’s time to kick this group into fourth gear. 24 more words


Kickport Cajon sonic enhancement port CajonPort Standard

Sonic has been widely recognized both as Sega’s mascot and as the protagonist of the game sonic the Hedgehog. Since Sonics’ debut launch in 1991, numerous game titles have been set for the hero. 283 more words

Fantastic New products from Duende just in!

We just received the following Duende products  Pongo 10″ & 14″, Sitpad, Octo 12″ & Octo 14″, Mute, Pocket Cajon and the Rammerdrums 9″ & 11″, … 15 more words

Product News

Miraculous Mule Kick Ass.....

I happened to be checking my junk mail on Thursday and came across an email that caught my eye mentioning a Band called Miraculous Mule. A couple of emails and phone calls later and the guys were booked to come on my show on Mothers Day and what a treat they turned out to be. 269 more words

Nikki's Diary

Day 89

This is what happens when you give sugar and a drum to a crazy white kid.

Daily Photo

Talk Dirty - Sam Tsui

This is a cover of Talk Dirty performed by Sam Tsui.

Acoustic Guitar