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Ask the Cake Lady: Can a Cake Made from a Doctored Mix Taste Like One Made From Scratch?

Ask the Cake Lady: “Can a Cake Made from a Doctored Cake Mix Taste Like One Made from Scratch?” 

Well, we have two very adamant teams that go head-to-head routinely in this debate. 271 more words


20 Most Outrageous Celebrity Birthday Cakes

The rich are indeed different from you and me. Just look at their birthday cakes….

Proving that even a celebrity’s cake can get screwed up, here’s Ireland Baldwin’s 14th birthday cake. 299 more words


CakeMade Asks: What Do You Do with Leftover Buttercream?

Most cake artists are very precise about the amount of ingredients they need to make to fill their orders. But every once in a while they find themselves with some leftover buttercream. 775 more words


How Much Should I Charge for My Cakes?

It’s the burning question every cake decorator has when launching a cake business: How much should I charge for my cakes? How do I figure out a fair price? 227 more words


11 Ways to Take Better Cake Photos

Whether you’re a professional cake maker who is building a photo gallery for your website, or an amateur cake artist who just wants to show off your creations on social media, these tips will help you best capture the beauty of each cake. 229 more words


How to Make LMF (Liz Marek's Marshmallow Fondant)

Not all fondant is created equal. The texture of this popular cake decorating medium varies from brand to brand, with some types even formulated for different climates. 556 more words