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Followed by everything Sunday should be and sunbursts of orange and chocolate

I get really annoyed when I start on a book which sounds eminently interesting, only to find it is a sequel. It is like going to a party the morning after for brunch. 851 more words


Bucket full of Plums...

When you get given a couple of buckets of fresh plums (thank you Lizzie) from someone’s back yard tree… you madly try to use as many as you can with out wasting any. 326 more words


Apple Crumble Cake

So normally I am a huge proponent of the crumble because it’s a relatively healthy dessert when made in a certain way (see my previous… 481 more words


Sim Sim Financier / Sesame Seeds Financier

A financier is a biscuits eaten with coffee or tea or just for the pleasure of it.  Normally, a financier is made with ground almonds or hazelnuts.  175 more words


Apricot Tart

It is a simple, delicious and pretty dessert. It requires making sweet pastry and a crème pâtissière.  Both are easy to make and are explained in my previous posts.  244 more words


Vegan 'Quarkbällchen' - Traditional German Carnival Doughnuts

In a lot of areas in Germany it is common to make ‘Kräppel’ (or Berliner, Krapfen or Pfannkuchen, depending on the dialect) during carnival time – little treats fried in oil similar to doughnuts. 569 more words

Cake & Dessert

Bon Voyage Li'l Ms Tomato

“It is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis”  881 more words