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CakePHP: Upload File

The Model

App::uses('AppModel', 'Model');

class Picture extends AppModel {
	public $useTable = 'picture';
	public $primaryKey = 'id';
	public $name = 'Picture';
	public $order = 'Picture.id ASC';

	protected $_displayFields = array(
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Membuat Mysql Query di cakephp 2 ++

Membuat Mysql Query di cakephp 2 ++
Cara membuat mysql di query di cakephp dua sangat mudah kalau yang sudah tahu..
1. $this->
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CakePHP: PHPMailer Component - Using GMail SMTP


  1. CakePHP 2.x
  2. PHPMailer

Download PHPMailer & extract it to APP/vendors.

Add following lines in APP/vendors/phpmailer/class.phpmail.php line 542, in ELSE statement. This to ensure we have a secured domain through SSL / TLS. 347 more words


Simple Html to SMS formating script

Have you ever had a bit of an issue formatting the SMS messages you send out to users from your web / mobile applications. Well, I have! 182 more words


Did you know...cakephp

So I came across something weird recently while writing code (obviously). It’s really an amusing thing and the concept of why and how it works still beats me. 214 more words


Use database object for custom query

$db =ConnectionManager::getDataSource('default');