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Week-11: php Error Reporting (GSoC’14 project)

11th week of my GSoC project is over now. The objective of this week’s work was to correct the redirection after user logs in.

Tasks Completed this Week: … 224 more words


Install DebugKit in CakePHP

Hello Friends!! In our last post we have done CakePHP installation in windows. But still there is one step pending. Today we’ll complete that i.e we’ll install DebugKit in CakePHP. 375 more words


Install CakePHP 2.5.2 stable version in Windows

CakePHP is  a rapid development framework for PHP. It uses structured framework to develop rapid application without loss of flexibility. CakePHP works out of the box with both PHP4 and PHP5. 369 more words


CakePHP Filter Plugin

A simple to use filter plugin for CakePHP Apps.

I took some time out to develop a simple to use filter / search plugin for the various apps I have and may be working on later on. 557 more words


Some special methods

  1. beforeFilter()
  2. beforeRender()
  3. afterFilter()

special variable in controller


The components array allows you to set which Components a controller will use. Like $helpers and $uses components in your controllers are merged with those in AppController. 108 more words

Some thing about routing

Router directory:


Routes Syntax: