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Another Traditional Chinese Biscuits–Chinese Walnut Crisp–Hup Toh Soh (核桃酥, 合桃酥)


When I posted my Chinese White Cakey Biscuit, one member of the Facebook Group is telling me about another traditional Chinese biscuit – Hup Toh Soh or Chinese Walnut biscuits that he loved very much. 484 more words


Cheesy Biscuit Bites (芝士小饼干)


After so many sweet biscuits and mooncakes, my body told me that I needed some savoury snacks….

This is a 3 main ingredients simple cheesy biscuits. 612 more words


Cherries Butter Cake (樱桃牛油蛋糕)


I have not prepare butter cake for quite a while and suddenly I have a craving for it.

I searched the kitchen cabinet and found a pack of diced glazed cherries that was leftover from the preparation of… 876 more words


Peach Cheesecake

Cakes!  Having a sweet tooth is one of my many weaknesses, but I’m sure I’m not alone.  I learned to make this cake by following the steps indicated on one of the cookbooks I bought in Singapore, and it turned out pretty yummy!   27 more words

Cakes And Cookies

The best soft and chewy white chocolate chip cookies

These cookies come out just like Millies, but at a fraction of the cost. I’ve tried quite a few cookie recipes, but once id found this one I’ve stuck with it and make quite regularly. 209 more words


Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie)

Mom, I am hungry what can I have for a snack? “How about some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?” Yay! Screams followed by some crazy dancing around the house! 691 more words


Food Friday ~ Chocolate Wacky Cake

If you love a really moist chocolate cake this recipe is for you. It’s found on the Savory Sweet Life  blog. Just click the link for the recipe. 6 more words

Food Friday