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Don’t Worried, I Am Using Natural Colour To Prepare These Cookies–Red Velvet White Chocolate Chips Cookies (天然红色天鹅绒饼干)


I have a red velvet cupcake post but I prepared them rather uncomfortably due to the large amount of red colouring used. Since then it is always in my mind to look out for natural colours that can substitute the red colouring. 932 more words


Vegetarian Matcha Almond Muffins (绿茶杏仁小松饼)


If you like Japanese green tea – Matcha, you will like this muffin. This recipe is an eggless, butter less and milk less recipe specially designed for vegetarians… 725 more words


Dark Mocha Cake with cream cheese filling

Chocolate, coffee, cream cheese …mmm… and if you have all 3 of these together in a dessert? Just yum yum yum! I first baked this cake a few years go for my husband’s birthday and we fell in love with it.! 1,011 more words


This Is A Savoury Muffin–Luncheon Meat Cheddar Cheese Muffin (午餐肉芝士小松饼)


One of the readers have told me that she wished to have some savoury muffins as a twist to the common sweet muffins. I promised that in this new series of muffins , I will share some recipes for savoury muffins. 693 more words


No-Bake Eclair Cake

I’ve been excited about the thought of making this eclair cake ever since I stumbled across it on the Chef-In-Training site a few weeks back. The recipe uses several American ingredients which are tricky to get hold of in the UK, and even when you can get hold of them they tend to be ridiculously overpriced, so I’ve adapted it to ingredients more readily available here, but included notes on the American equivalent. 652 more words


A Healthy, Vegetarian Cookie–Miso Tofu Cookies (味噌豆腐饼干 or 味噌豆腐ビスケット)


I stumbled across this healthy recipe from a Japanese website. After reading through the recipe and knowing the simple ingredients and simple steps, I have decided to give it a try since I have all the ingredients at home. 788 more words


Photo Fun

Hi everyone!

The other day I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot with my friend, Bailey. We baked cookies and then tried our hand at styling them and photographing them for my blog. 362 more words

Cakes And Cookies