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Chocolate Chip Cookies

After so many savory dishes, I think it is time for some sweets. Lets face it, how can we ever have enough of the sweets? Never! 91 more words

Cakes And Cookies

Pumpkin and Carrot Walnut Muffin with cream cheese topping

After apples last month it is pumpkin season now…well, at least in my kitchen! Last weekend I roasted our ‘Halloween decoration’ pumpkins. Roasted, Pureed and Packed (in freezer pouches).   723 more words


Yorkshire Puddings (约克郡布丁)


I know it is still early but keep this post and you will be able to prepare Yorkshire puddings for your Christmas feasts.

What is Yorkshire pudding? 720 more words


Quick And Easy Christmas Puddings With Brandy Sauce (圣诞布丁)


“Christmas, Christmas time is near, time for “food” and time for cheer, We’ve been good, but we can’t last……..”

Yes, Christmas is around the corner though Thanksgiving 2014 is not over yet.. 1,012 more words


Double Chocolate Banana Quick Bread (巧克力香蕉快速面包)


Though the name of this recipe is a quick bread, it is more of a simple mix and bake type of cake…. It is quick because of its simple preparation..Mixing of dry and wet ingredients..If you want to read more about quick bread, you can refer to this post: … 521 more words


Autumn Celebration Maple Cake

With a total of 475ml of maple syrup here, this cake is all about the maple! I made it for a birthday at the weekend, but it would be equally good for any kind of celebratory event in autumn – maybe a nice addition to a Thanksgiving party for those of you over the pond? 511 more words


Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting (香蕉蛋糕)


I baked a cake.. rather perfect as there are no cracks, moist and tall.. but it was slightly burnt on the top! I have therefore decided to cover it with some cream cheese frosting.. 774 more words