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Apple-Cherry Semolina Crisp

Fruit crisps are traditionally made of a layer of fruit topped with a crumbly mixture. In the recipe here, I’ve decided to change the original idea a bit and divide the topping mixture in two: half for a base layer and the other half for the topping. 307 more words


Buckwheat pancakes with raspberry chia jam

I love these pancakes, my favorite weekend breakfast treat. All-self made recipe, no need for store-bought jam. You can use any fresh or frozen and thawed berries of your choice. 221 more words

Cakes And Desserts

brownies (with zucchini)

I really didn’t want to call these zucchini brownies. I didn’t want any preconceived ideas preventing anyone from making these! I like zucchini brownies, but sometimes they are too mushy, or have a weird texture, or you can taste the zucchini. 433 more words


Taking Coffee Seriously in KL

Coffee Bars are constantly popping up around KL, but it is still difficult to find a great coffee. Here are two coffee bars that take the art of coffee making seriously. 689 more words


Wine Dinner at Tao Chinese Cuisine at The Intercontinental Hotel

The Expat Group, Malaysia’s leading media company for expats, holds a monthly ‘wine dinner’, during which expats gather for an evening of fine dining and good company. 1,042 more words


Recipe: Kueh Koci (Steamed Coconut and Glutinous Rice Dessert)

Coconut is present is most Malaysian dessert, whether it be coconut milk, fresh coconut or dried. Here, it provides an extremely juicy, sweet and ‘moreish’ filling for these sticky rice balls; a lovely light and easy to prepare dessert. 427 more words


cinnamon zucchini bread

The end of the summer is here :( I’m not usually sad about that, usually I’m just dying for cooler weather and a change in season and schedule. 496 more words