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I love cake. That said, I have made very few of them, not least because I’d have to eat the whole thing or thereabouts! This lack of cake-making experience means that I don’t have at hand a set of impressive yet fail-safe recipes for birthdays and other special occasions. 60 more words


The richness of the northern forest

Lingonberry (or Cowberry) is a shrub native to the forested areas of the Northern hemisphere. They are picked in the wild and can also legally be picked in private lands according to the “freedom to roam”, which is the right to have access to privately owned land for recreation and exercise. 216 more words


Ease to Frost

So, frosting a cake is my least favorite thing to do. Even after years of baking I’m so impatient that I usually nag someone else into doing it for me if its just a regular at home cake. 242 more words


Disney Frozen Cake

This vanilla cake is covered with blue fondant and snowflakes with trees made out snowflakes and an edible transfer of Elsa. Topped with a fondant Olaf.


Rustic Blueberry Lemon Cake

Making this cake had cost me, my wedding ring. Whenever I made a cake, I would take out my wedding ring and put it aside – to avoid contamination. 682 more words

Food For Thought

#NGB *7/22/14* epi

yes, this is another show that i missed last week and am trying to make up for this week hopefully w/ last week’s epi and the newest one from 7/29/14 sometime if i can catch it reair, if not, then next week hopefully. 524 more words