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Week 26: Picking Produce and Progress on the Plot...

A quiet week doing the Allotment with mixed weather of sunshine and showers. A few more Gladioli picked (and presented to friends as a gift) with the tomatoes used at home in cooking a pasta sauce. 272 more words

Week 25: Picking Produce from the Plot...

Another week of reasonable September weather: not too warm nor not too cold, so a few hours to enjoy down the allotment.

And more potatoes: 116 more words

Week 24: Designs on my plot...

It may seem strange but when I first got Plot 225, back in March 2014, I did think it was too big (66 ft by 18 ft) but as the weeks have rolled by, I am now short of space. 365 more words

21 Day Fix Challenge Group Forming

As many know, I am a Beachbody coach. I became a coach one year ago and have been growing my business since December 2013. Throughout this time, I have held monthly online challenge groups for various programs for additional accountability and motivation to others working through the health and fitness programs. 225 more words


Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a classic. It is also a salad I see done poorly all too often. The star of the show is the tomato. The mozarella and basil are merely supporting characters. 113 more words


What to do in August - 2

Firstly, apologies for the post being a little late but I have a valid reason behind it.  I have recently taken on another allotment plot and have been busy turning it around and making it useable for the winter and upcoming months. 410 more words


Week 19: Oh My CAULI! Whats Happened to my Cauliflower?! But my Calabrese is doing well!

I was so pleased that my Cauliflower was doing well. Two of the three plants had bulked up and started to produce a flower head. It is such a shame that in just a week, they seemed to have been ruined. 112 more words