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Ancient Egyptian Pigment Might Revolutionize Medical Scanners

Egyptian blue was one of the famous pigments of the ancient world. Not only was it a scientific achievement, it has become an important historical signifier because it only came from contact with Egypt.

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Year 7 Science 2 - Making Limewater

Learning Intentions: Describe objects made of calcium carbonate. Carry out a practical experiment where a sample of limewater is produced from calcium carbonate.

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Year 7 Science

Great Salt Lake: A Fingerprint to the World

Great Salt Lake: A Fingerprint to the World orginally appeared on Summer of Salt July 2012
By Nicole Anderson
– Lake Level: 4197.0′ –

One of the many things that amazes me about people is how uniquely different we are from one another, yet we all come from the same maker. 759 more words


Dietary Management for Healthy Bones (Nutrition Series #2)


Many of you have heard of OSTEOPOROSIS and its precursor, OSTEOPENIA.  These conditions of low bone density increase the risk for bone fractures, especially in postmenopausal women and in those with other risk factors. 835 more words


What to Look for in a Supplement

Carol B Blair, BS. DiHom, CNC
Wellness Educator

Some of us spend a fair amount of money on supplements to keep us well but are you getting what you pay for? 307 more words


Understanding the Terroir of Burgundy Part 1.1 Limestone: formation

by Dean Alexander

Limestone Formation and Types

As the Burgundy legend has it, it is the limestone that sets Burgundy apart, and makes the wine that comes from there so special. 2,568 more words