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Navy Bean Biscuits & Roasted Garlic Gravy

Real talk: Finding substantial sources of calcium has been more difficult than finding sources of protein or iron. I’m learning that although lots of foods contain calcium, they usually don’t contain a whole lot of calcium. 853 more words


Carrot/Celery/Cauliflower Purée

Water, stove, pot, blender

Carrots, Celery & cauliflower.

Clean, cut and steam or boil veggies until tender. Place in blender, adding some of the stock to get desired consistency. 7 more words

Dairy Free

Cows milk has little iron and may contribute to anemia

Earlier this week, I mentioned that chewing on ice chips may be a sign of anemia while trying to soothe the tongue.

Having a diet too high in milk products may also contribute to anemia because these products are low in iron. 33 more words


Gingerbread Granola

S and I were at Whole Foods the other day, trying to stay focused, stick to our shopping list, and ignore the siren’s call of the bulk aisle, when he casually asked me whether I would be making granola again anytime soon. 404 more words


Chroom, vanadium, magnesium

Chroom, vanadium en magnesium blijken een gunstig effect te hebben doordat ze de gevoeligheid van de spiercellen voor insuline zouden verhogen.

Wetenschappelijk bewijs hiervoor, niet  220 more words


(Stinging) Nettle Tea: not just a thorn in your side

I’m told calcium and magnesium supplements are important for healthy bones. But I’m a firm believer that we should get more minerals ‘au naturale’ as they say. 120 more words


Got Goat Milk?

Few years ago, after visiting a nutritionist, was the first time that I personally came across advice to replace cow’s milk with goat’s milk to improve my health. 1,109 more words