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The 8 Micronutrients People Aren't Getting Enough Of

In an interview with NutraingredientsDr. Baiz Frei from the Linus Pauling Institute said he’s concerned that people aren’t getting enough micronutrients in their diets. 71 more words


Healthy Eats: Say 'cheese!' with these picture-perfect snowman snacks

When it comes to portable snacks, string cheese is an excellent option. These individually wrapped cheese sticks give you carbohydrates for energy plus healthy doses of protein and calcium. 262 more words


New Food Friday Flash – Lasagna with Mustard Greens and Garbanzos

There are a lot of lasagna recipes out there and many of them have spinach as an ingredient. I didn’t have spinach on hand but I did have mustard greens growing in my vegetable garden as of November 1, 2014. 977 more words


Why you should rethink calcium supplementation

Based on current research, it looks like supplementing calcium to prevent bone mineral density loss and prevent fractures is not recommended. Why is that?

One meta analysis [1] study that looked at children who took calcium supplements in various forms showed an… 360 more words

Hi-ya Sweetie! Meet Your New Favorite Natural Sweetener, Homemade Date Paste!

Today’s post is a prequel, of sorts, to my next recipe.  I can’t tell you what that will be, but it will involve today’s all-natural DIY sweetener (hint: it has something to do with… COOKIES COOKIES COOKIES!).  517 more words


Product Spotlight: Olivamine 10 D3+Magnesium

Pinnaclife’s D3+Magnesium supports cellular health by providing a balanced blend of vitamin D3, magnesium, and calcium. When added to a healthy diet, Pinnaclife D3+Magnesium offers… 28 more words


Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Risk

Boosting levels of vitamin D and calcium in post-menopausal women did not help them reduce their breast cancer risk.  This is the first real test on whether vitamin D actually causes poor health as opposed to just being a marker for poor health, and it failed.  124 more words