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Effervescent Comfort

I admit it.  I am addicted.  At least 5 times a week I drink…

a Diet Coke.

Honestly, it is my only addiction, but I know it isn’t good for me.   438 more words


Spectrophotometry Method To Determine Calcium ion Concentration in Food Samples




Pipets, beakers and other glassware necessary for such an experiment.


Calcium nitrate

Sodium rhodizonate

Sulfuric acid, 6 M,

Sodium phosphate, tribasic… 117 more words

Food Science

Discover Better Sources of Calcium Than Dairy Products

For years we believed that we need to eat dairy products to provide calcium for strong and healthy bones, but the truth actually lies elsewhere: fruits and vegetables that have higher calcium absorption. 1,452 more words

July-Dec 2014

Top 10 Calcium Rich Veggies!

I love the internet! A wealth of information at your fingertips! I realized I didn’t have a list up of calcium rich veggies, so I perused the internet, found a good source, and BAM! 257 more words

Dairy Free

Silk Soymilk: Vanilla vs. Very Vanilla

Soy Milk has become more and more popular throughout the years. When I went to go buy milk the other day, I stared at the milk selection for a good few minutes before I was able to make my decision. 306 more words


Israeli Defence Force: Dietary Intake, Stress Fractures & Basic Training

Research Paper Title

Dietary Intake and Stress Fractures among Elite Male Combat Recruits.


Appropriate and sufficient dietary intake is one of the main requirements for maintaining fitness and health. 282 more words

Military Fitness