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Maintain the median of the stream of numbers

There is a stream of numbers, that has unknown size. We should process the stream in such a way, that at every moment we should be able to return the median of currently processed numbers. 472 more words


OilcalcsHD for iPad version 1.1.0 - Volumetric shrinkage added to blending tools

Oilcalcs HD for iPad has been updated to version 1.1.0 today, and now includes volumetric shrinkage calculations in the two fuel blending tools, just like its iPhone counterpart Oilcalcs and its Android counterpart OilCalcsPro. 145 more words


Maths - Estimating before a calculation.

As part of our work on securing number facts we have been using our rounding skills to help us estimate the answer to a calculation before we work it out. 65 more words

API MPMS Ch 12.3 - Volumetric shrinkage when mixing hydro carbons

In my previous post I promised to discuss API MPMS Chapter 12.3 – Volumetric shrinkage resulting from blending light hydrocarbons with crude oils.

As mentioned in the earlier post, whenever two hydrocarbons of different density are mixed, it can be observed that the resulting total volume is not equal to the sum of the two individual components. 619 more words


Angle Calculator Chart / Tableau pour calcul des angles

Si vous n’avez pas une calculette appropriée, vous avez sans doute des maux de tête lorsque vient le temps de déterminer ou trouver un angle. Si vous possédez une équerre de charpentier, voici de quoi vous aider. 226 more words


How to calculate daily redo log files volume?

How to calculate daily redo log files volume?

select a.*, round(a.count# * b.avg# / 1024 / 1024) daily_avg_mb
from (select to_char(first_time, ‘yyyy-mm-dd’) day,
count(1) count#, 41 more words