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How to calculate size of all tables in ms sql ?

DECLARE @table table(Id int IDENTITY(1,1)
, Name varchar(256))

SELECT b.name + ‘.’+ a.name
FROM sys.tables a INNER JOIN sys.schemas b
ON a.schema_id = b.schema_id… 103 more words

SSH And Linux Terminal Commands

Difference between Odds Ratio and Risk Ratio

It’s final season again! How is everyone studying? In this post, I am going to introduce the difference between Odds Ratio and Risk Ratio.

In order to understand Odds Ratio, it is better to understand what Odds are. 116 more words


How to Calculate Percentage Change Between Values in Excel

Learn how to calculate percentage change between values in Microsoft Excel. Follow our step-by-step instruction guide:- 80 more words

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Standard Deviation and Standard Error

Standard deviation and standard error are basic but important statistical concepts. I found a very good explaination distinguishing these two concepts without lots of statistical terms. 330 more words


Selling calculators: Calculate your income

Today we will talk about a shop, not about a usual shop, but about a highly specialized one. It is a calculator shop. It may sound funny but such shops are opened in many cities and bringing owners very good profits. 282 more words

PowerPivot Workout #3 - More Basic Calculation Formulas

This Workout practises using the DAX CALCULATE function to perform basic “IF” or “IFS” formulas. It follows on from Workout #2 by adding the DAX version of standard Excels “AND” and “OR” operators. 389 more words