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Dates and Times

Before you can take advantage of some of the more power date and time formulas, you have to understand how Excel stores dates and times.  Regardless of how you have formatted a cell to display a date or time, Excel always internally stores dates And times the same  way. 189 more words


If Function

Like all functions or formulas in Excel, the IF function begins with the equal sign ( = ), and, like all other functions and formulas, the answer goes in the cell where the equal sign is typed. 203 more words


Subtotal function

In Excel, the Subtotal function returns the subtotal of the numbers in a column in a list or database. The syntax for the Subtotal function is: 50 more words


Java Program that takes input of a base and exponent value, calculates and displays result in a window.

I did that.

  1. The program prompts the user to enter a base number, than an exponent number, the program calculates and display the result. ( 53= 125)
  2. 58 more words

Ohio Minimum Wage To Hit $8.10 Per Hour Next Year

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s minimum wage is scheduled to go up by 15 cents to $8.10 beginning Jan. 1.

The state Department of Commerce also announced the new minimum for tipped employees will be $4.05 per hour — a 7-cent increase. 105 more words



This is my at work calculator.

Five years ago one of my friends left it for me when she got let go.

Over the past few weeks several people have made comments like ‘what a nice calculator’ and yesterday someone even asked ‘where did you get that?’ 49 more words