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Calculating the Cost of Smoking

Have you ever used one of those “cost of smoking” calculators?  You put in the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day and the amount you pay per pack, and the calculator will tell you how much it is costing you to smoke by week, month or year. 457 more words


To invest or not to invest: Our pension calculator has the answers

Why you should stop listening to your parents and ditch the pension plan

Every new graduate gets the same advice from their parents, invest in a pension and invest as much as possible. 625 more words


How old are you?

Hi I’m likhon. Today I’m going to show you how to make a program to find your age.Let’s go start it.

import java.util.*;

public class AgeCalculator{
public static void main(String args[]){
Scanner in=new Scanner(System.in);

int a,b,c;
System.out.print("Whic years is it:-");
System.out.print("In whic year you born:-");
System.out.print("You are "+c+" years old");



Digitising Graphs - Turning Paper Graphs into Functions

I thought I’d write a short guide to anyone who is, like I once was, looking to turn a graphed curve into a mathematical function. There are many reasons why one might do this, but they boil down into one of two fundamental motivators: 952 more words


RS Mean’s 2015 Facility Manager’s Package offers new life cycle cost models for facilities

RSMeans obtained by the Gordian Group, the most recognized supplier of construction cost estimatinginformation in North America, just declared the availability of its totally new life cycle cost models for facilities which belong to its 2015 Facility Manager’s Package. 363 more words

Infant Acetomenophin (Tylenol) Dosage Chart

How much acetomenophin (Tylenol) can I give my baby?

Even after I hear it from the pediatrician about five times during the doctor’s appointment, I come home and wonder if I heard it correctly, if I wrote it down correctly and if I saved it correctly on my phone. 80 more words


A Mortgage Calculator in JavaScript

Below is a simple loan amortization calculator implemented in JavaScript. It’s primarily intended to be used for home mortgages. To see it in action, copy it into an .html file and open that file in a web browser that runs JavaScript. 602 more words