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#1 Simple Calculator

Once you design the form and label all the buttons, you need to define what each button, and label will do for you. As you can see below, the code begins with… 539 more words

Is the iPhone 6 Plus Too Big?

Any time a headline asks a question that way, the answer is no. :)

5.5” phones are not too large for human hands or pockets, and they only seem that way because so many people have become used to smaller phones. 369 more words


This is my at work calculator.

Five years ago one of my friends left it for me when she got let go.

Over the past few weeks several people have made comments like ‘what a nice calculator’ and yesterday someone even asked ‘where did you get that?’ 49 more words

Retrotechtacular: The CURTA Mechanical Calculator

The CURTA mechanical calculator literally saved its inventor’s life. had been working on the calculator in the 1930s until the Nazis forced him to focus on building other tools for the German army. 376 more words


Man vs. Machine


The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Man is behind the machine. 931 more words


Day 252: September 9

Remember the days when you used to write words with the numbers on your calculator? (80081355 anyone??) Yeah, those days don’t have to go away.


Day Six: Night out with the calories

Hey readers,

NOTE: EEEK Don’t get angry at me. This post is a day late. Completely my fault, I wrote and (thought) I posted it last night… Guess it didn’t work or something, so I’m only just posting it now! 296 more words