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Caleb Andrew Martinez

Brian and I struggled with deciding on a name for our baby the entire time I was pregnant. We agreed to meet our son, discover his personality, and then select the perfect name for him. 341 more words


Brittany going home

Cody chickened out. He wanted to nominated Caleb, and he knew that if he were to do that, there were enough votes to get Caleb evicted. 99 more words

Big Brother 16

Who is "Munchkio"? Big Brother Nominations and Battle of the Block #4

When we last left our, now Devin-less, houseguests they were in the midst of their next HOH competition.

The concept is simple: manoeuvre a dozen eggs through an obstacle course that is behind chicken wire. 864 more words


Amber is in trouble

“I’m really insulted that Brittany would dare suggest I would ever make a personal nomination, so I’m going to nominate her and validate everything she just said” — Cody’s logic… 241 more words



I just want to brag about how amazing my boyfriend is for a second. I have been having a really rough time with life lately, and I’ve been talking with him about it and everything, but yesterday it was bad, and last night was even worse. 207 more words


(to a pigeon in the subway station) You belong to the outside, bird.

(at bedtime) You don’t sing Puff the Magic Dragon. Only Poppa sing Puff the Magic Dragon. 11 more words

Doing And Saying