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Joshua 17: Only one portion for Manassites

So this explains the double size of the land allocated to the Manassites which I queried earlier in my blog. See the map below. There are a number of tribes with more people and less land than the tribe of Manasseh even when they only had the land that Moses gave them. 356 more words


American Idol

Well my plan for an Idol post has been pushed up. Today will be the last time I watch this Seasons AI until maybe the finale. 69 more words

A Man's Man

One of the things I look forward to on the other side of eternity is meeting the men and women of the Bible. Individuals who were memorialized by God despite dysfunctional homes and relationships… unanswered prayers… unfulfilled dreams. 826 more words


Joshua 15: Caleb's daughter

So this chapter confused me a lot – more specifically verses 16 to 19. Why did Othniel have to conquer Debir again? Hadn’t they done this already? 403 more words



1) “It’s just all too exhausting to get lathered up about. I don’t get any respect!” or,

2) “Do you see the oasis ahead?” or, 25 more words