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So you want to know the ups and downs working as an escort because there are lots from both sides of the fence.

Girls in this industry can be the worst of the worst, I am no saint but I have never reported another escort of sat outside their house waiting to be followed – yes this has happened to me and also when abroad follow me to the hotels I am staying in or just mailing them to say that I am there – this does happen believe it or not it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be but once upon a time there was a lot of money to be made but not quite as good as it use to be but I cracked the market abroad a long time ago and made a small fortune and now that fortune is no longer there but I am one of the only escorts to tell my real age now that’s nearly a real rarity. 186 more words


Get Organised - LEGO Calendar

The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner. It’s made entirely of Lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone all of the events and timings will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar. 16 more words

Moving from Google Blogger to Wordpress only because of certain features / pictures

So is this better than Google Blogger actually I say no it isn’t its not good at all so I think I may slip back from whence I came I click italics and the writing is not – why not – because it just isn’t that good possibly or I don’t know how to use this site as of yet – featured image – no I don’t think so but it doesn’t have that, where is the clock or the calendar I don’t see these do you but I do elsewhere – I think its back to Google – this site sucks it really does. 17 more words


Planning is Essential.

Friday is a day for planning.

Don’t let your life drift along!

Take responsibility for your own life and decide what you want to achieve. 40 more words


[INA ORDER] 9493room 2015 calendar "SUNLIGHT & MOONLIGHT"

Preview 1 | Preview 2 | Preview 3

Greetings from 9493room!
We are planning to release 2015 calendar with full of lovely photos of JONGIN and KYUNGSOO. 214 more words