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Days: Good Friday

(Yes I am recycling. This is a copy of my Good Friday post from 2 years ago. I liked it so I am sharing all over again!) 812 more words


Organization Station

Being a busy family of five, it’s quite easy for us to forget appointments, lose phone numbers and have no idea where soccer practice is this Tuesday. 766 more words


Third Sunday Singing April CANCELLED

There will be no Upper East Side singing this month.  It is Easter, and many of us will be at the New Haven All-Day Singing (highly recommended).


Looking for PERSPECTIVE in April

PERSPECTIVE… the way you choose to view the world!

CHOOSE being the key word in this definition… it’s a CHOICE.

You can go out and see beauty and opportunity in some part of everything or you can choose another perspective. 306 more words



Most ancient societies had a spring festival, to celebrate the ending of the cold winter and the beginning of the warmth again. With this warmth came the budding of new life, of plants, flowers, and often of the young of animals. 334 more words


Days: April 18th (Great San Francisco Earthquake)

This series on the symbolism and celebration associated with each day of the year will paint a small vignette of each day, and a ramble of my own thoughts on the day.  

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Good Friday Math

Is it possible for Good Friday to fall on the 13th?

Source: http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/52364.html
From: Susan Melanson
Subject: Good Friday on the Thirteenth

How many times has Good Friday fallen on the 13th?

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