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Calgary skateboarder hopes to sell his home, built-in garage ramp and all

It’s a bungalow designed for those that like to grind — and it could be yours.

Longtime Calgary skateboarder Dan Robinson has put his Marlborough-area pad on the market, including the custom-designed bowl-shaped ramp he and his “homies” set up in his garage a few years ago. 602 more words


Midterms #1?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I was so busy studying for midterms that I didn’t have time to blog or do much interesting. My midterms were a bit of a mix, 52% and 88% that’s single handedly the worst and best I’ve ever done in a university exam. 276 more words

After more than 50 years in Edmonton, Italian Centre Shop is coming to Calgary

It began more than a half-century ago with an Italian immigrant bringing newspapers and magazines from the home country to what was then the largest city in Alberta, and has since grown to become an institution in Edmonton’s food and cultural scene. 311 more words


Rosmin Bhanji receives University of Calgary WRC Distinguished Alumna Award

ROSMIN BHANJI was born in East Africa and moved to Canada at the age of 18. She is married with 2 children and has 2 grandchildren. 350 more words


Student leaders urging peers to contact Calgary councillors directly over secondary suites

University student leaders say many of their peers are fed up with the price of housing in Calgary but often reluctant to contact city councillors directly about the issue – something they hope to change in the coming weeks. 258 more words


World-record marathon run on shoes developed with University of Calgary research

When Dennis Kimetto set a world-record marathon time in Berlin last month, he did it wearing shoes that took years of research at the University of Calgary to develop. 253 more words


Previously planned for demolition, Calgary’s Inglewood now a planner’s darling

Calgary’s Inglewood community, once slated for demolition under urban plans of a past era, is now among five finalists in the “Great Neighbourhoods” contest put on by the Canadian Institute of Planners. 270 more words