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New Freedom Church, Edison, Calhoun County

New Freedom Church is a fairly new church in a older church building. I’m not sure what the older church was, nor am I sure what (if any) denomination this church now belongs to. It sits outside of Edison.

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Neals Creek, Edison, Calhoun County

Neals Creek is a wet-weather creek, it was barely flowing when I visited. It runs under a few dirt roads outside of Edison.

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Mount Grove Free Will Baptist Church, Edison, Calhoun County

This church seems to be very well kept, a sight I like to see! The church was founded in 1895, with this modern building being built in 1949.

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Mitchell Food, Edison, Calhoun County

Mitchell Food is now defunct, but the paintings on the store’s front windows remain. The storefront is in downtown Edison.

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Mills Cemetery, Edison, Georgia

Mills Cemetery is in the middle of a field off of Davis Chapel Road. Mills Cemetery is sadly in terrible disrepair.

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Mars Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Edison, Calhoun County

Mars Hill Primitive Baptist Church was founded in 1839, making it one of the oldest churches in Calhoun County. In this photo you can see one of the newer church buildings. 14 more words

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