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The weekends are cutting down...

We’ve got only 2 weekends left coming up in the semester, and we’ve been doing everything we can to take advantage of these drunk nights. It’s sad, but we’re making the best of these last few days. 683 more words


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, A History : A Pirates Life For Me!

With the release of the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity, the new game set at the time of the French Revolution, I decided to delve back into my series on the history behind the Assassin’s Creed Franchise. 1,136 more words


Black Sails Season Finale

DISCLAIMER: this show is for 18+ And will have some spoilers

So Black Sails has ended and we are left screaming and wanting MORE. We start off in the brothel where Jack is getting blackmailed, though Max saves the day, though it is said he will still regret firing whom he did. 614 more words


It's Finally Finished!

Hey guys!  So the movie I was in….produced…..chauffeured…..and other stuff is finally finished!  We’re premiering it March 29th at 8pm!  I hope you can join! Admission is free and there might be snacks! 10 more words

Anne Bonny

Black Sails Episode 5 review

Episode 5 starts with Billy and Flint on the ship going after the Andromache in order to get the guns required for the journey to get the Urca. 256 more words


Black Sails Episode 4 Review

SPOILER ALERT, you have been warned.

Episode 4 leads us right back into the action, and we find that Gates is now Captain of Vain’s ship, leaving Billy has the quartermaster. 311 more words