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California Dreaming: For What It's Worth

“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…”

The story of how Buffalo Springfield formed is one of those too-good-to-be-true rock legends. Stephen Stills had met a musician called Neil Young on a visit to Canada in 1964, and admired him greatly. 965 more words

California Dreaming: A Note About Race

California Dreaming is a story of the LA pop music scene, but it’s not the story of the LA pop music scene. In writing it, I had to choose a starting point, and for the bits of the story that I wanted to tell, … 543 more words

California Dreaming: She Comes In Colors

Love had never been the most easy-going of bands, and by the time they recorded their second album, Da Capo, the relationships both within the band and between the band and the rest of the music business all seemed to be reaching breaking point. 1,028 more words

California Dreaming: It Happens Every Time

Herb Cohen, the Mothers of Invention’s manager, had not always been in the rock and roll business. He’d started out representing folk acts, so when Jimmy Carl Black, working in a music shop as a day job while waiting for the Mothers to start earning enough money for him to live on, got to know a talented new folk singer-songwriter who was working in the same shop, Cohen was the first person he told. 796 more words

California Dreaming: Plastic People

(Note that in the book this will come after Song Simply Sung by Tim Buckley — I didn’t have the time to get that essay finished today) 1,329 more words