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California Dreaming: Take A Giant Step

Love weren’t the only long-haired multiracial folk-rock band inspired by the Byrds’ success. When the Byrds had toured in 1965, their residency at Ciro’s had been left vacant, and three new bands stepped into the spot. 1,043 more words

California Dreaming: Eight Miles High

Gene Clark always hated to fly.

The Byrds’ first UK tour had been a disaster, from the moment they stepped off the plane, when they were served a writ by the British band The Birds, who felt that their name was too similar to avoid confusion. 973 more words

California Dreaming: My Little Red Book

Arthur Lee and Johnny Echols seemed to be fated to make music together. They’d lived only a couple of streets away from each other, and gone to school together, in Memphis, but had been separated when Arthur’s mother had divorced his father, a musician who had played with Jimmie Lunceford’s band, and moved to Los Angeles. 1,077 more words

California Dreaming: Diddy Wah Diddy

The small group of people associated with Studio Z — Frank Zappa, Don Vliet, Ray Collins, and others — had spent much of 1964 and early 65 with big plans. 1,167 more words

California Dreaming: Barbara Ann

Late 1965 was a time when everyone was jumping on the folk bandwagon, no matter how inappropriately.

Brian Wilson had started writing songs for a new album, inspired by the Beatles’ … 1,052 more words