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Training Camping Trips

In order to make training more realistic we will sometimes need to ride up and camp in the mountains on two day training trips. This involves packing and carrying most of the gear we will be using on the trip. 16 more words


Closer and Closer

I woke up this morning, and it was early (8am). My God, why am I waking up so early? Well, I found myself aching for my laptop, sad to say. 774 more words


Moon Handbook: Santa Barbara and the Central Coast discovers the musical talent of Brandon Follett

It’s true! I’ll play guests a song or recite a poem at the Bridge Street Inn. ┬áPick up a Moon Handbook at your local bookstore or at the Moon website.

Brandon Follett

Passing Shot: El Dorado County Wine in the Making

El Dorado County has more than 2,000 acres of grape vines growing at the highest elevations across California. I managed to capture a few rows of one vineyard’s crop growing in yesterday’s late afternoon sunlight. 25 more words

Keira Mocha sold at The Wedding Loft Show

Repeat buyer purchased the featured on sale watercolor “Keira Mocha” while on central display at The Wedding Loft, 1321 J Street, Modesto. Found during the portfolio book review searching for another client, it struck me this one needed to be framed. Four days later, sold.

Day 11: Peter Needed a Full Body Work Out Anyway...

Date: 4/20/2014
Miles: 45
Route: Paso Robles to San Lucas

As is often the case, we got a later start than planned. We did wake pretty early but were all in kind of a drained mood and were moving pretty slow, which ended up being kind of awesome in the end. 530 more words