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The money or the dream?

Life has a tendency to kick you in the ass again and again. I rented a car in Las Vegas and I asked for a gps. 401 more words


What We Talk About When We're Talking About the Drought

For the majority of Californians, our current drought is discussed much like the rise in gas prices. Meaning, we hear about it as a type of white noise when we laboriously switch from our radios to our blue tooth during our morning commutes.   629 more words

The Aussie Adventure Begins


I am here – in AUSTRALIA, breathing Australian air and walking on Australian ground!  Today officially makes it one entire week since I first set foot here and for the next year, I’ll get to wake up everyday under this beautiful Australian sky. 354 more words

Left-4-Dead - Charmie Sweets

Don’t know why it took me so long, but here is the next set of photos! It’s Charmie Sweets! Even with the blood, axe and pipe bomb is still super cute! 50 more words


Settling Into a Routine

Well hello there, Alanna.

You haven’t been here in a while. You didn’t just fall off the horse with writing this blog, you fell off, ran away, went on vacation and forgot about the horse then someone had to remind you… (Thanks Aunt Debbie and Pa for the reminder!) 488 more words