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Eight Minutes Idle DVD Review

Sometimes it can be difficult to watch a film, or TV series when you’ve read the book beforehand. I’ve actually had to take the decision to no longer watch Game of Thrones for this very reason; I can’t just sit and enjoy it without picking up on every difference, at which I exclaim “but that didn’t happen in the book”, much to my partner’s disapproval. 509 more words

Removing Dissatisfiers from the Customer Journey

By John Hooper, SVP Client Relations and Business Development, HGS Canada

Over the last couple of years there have been a plethora of new buzzwords around servicing the customer – omni-channel, multi-channel, data and voice analytics to name a few – and there are literally hundreds of solutions in the marketplace designed to assist companies in meeting these new service requirements. 689 more words

Business Process Outsourcing

19 November 2010 - The winning team

Last night was a late one because of the awards. What a night! I have been to so many awards events over the years but this was the first time I got dressed up to go out and actually felt good. 674 more words

Weight Loss

18 November 2010 - Excited about going out

It was freezing this morning but a bit of Wii Fit soon warmed me up. For once I’m almost looking forward to work. Almost. We have a short day, finishing at four instead of eight and most of that will be taken up by our team talk so there won’t be much time on the phones. 155 more words

Weight Loss

Overcoming Social Anxiety

I have become quite the out spoken individual. However, it has been a journey. I dealt with some moderate social anxiety during high school and university. 749 more words

Give Your Agents Time To Know Their Customers

When I started working in a call center back in the communication dark ages, we just had phones, desks and lots of paper to count calls and sales made each day. 662 more words

Call Center

Council’s new Contact Centre comes online

North Burnett Regional Council will ensure customer’s calls receive top priority with the opening of their new Contact Centre at Monto this month.

From Monday, 24 November, all 1300 calls will be directed to the Contact Centre, with reception calls made to individual offices to be redirected to the Contact Centre in December. 191 more words

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