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Tesco – Credit where credit is due

Tesco have quite rightly been under the spotlight recently. Their profit has dropped substantially due to their creative accounting. . They have directly impacted the FTSE100. 669 more words


I believe by now, we are all on the same page as far as what CRM is. If you don’t know, I will advise you read my articles on the subject matter of CRM. 723 more words


Fear, austerity, and public service

Continuing our series this month on fear and how we handle it, here’s guest blogger Dr. Catherine Needham of 21st Century Public Servant to see what austerity looks like on the other side of the desk.  792 more words


Saturday Highs And Sunday Lows

Yesterday I had a lovely massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. A few hours of unashamed self-pampering that went down extremely well. Actually my daughter paid for it and gave it me as a birthday present. 222 more words

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How Much Hassle is Modern Day Life?

I’ve just spent close on to an hour trying to sort out just 2 issues with modern day life!

We moved a couple of months ago to a new pastoring role within a rural area of the UK. 1,082 more words

Getting Away With The Ridiculous

Have you noticed how firms seem to be getting away with the ridiculous at the moment? Take illness for instance. It used to be classed as discrimination to fire someone because of their health problems, but now it seems that it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse to get rid of someone. 230 more words

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Call centre customer service declining - New programme launched to raise standards

Check out this great article by Chris Watts:

Customer service satisfaction across the UK’s call centres has fallen over the last 18 months from 62% to 50% according to research from two million consumers. 731 more words

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