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Mystery Shoppers

A few of my colleagues and I believe that we have had a spate of mystery shoppers phoning us. There have been a number of potential customers ringing up and asking every question under the sun about two or three policies. 335 more words

Call Centres

Call centre employee fined £50 ‘toilet tax’ for loo breaks

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Still think that the tories making it more difficult for employees to take their employer to an employment tribunal is a good thing? 174 more words

Customer Service: Does it really Matter?


We’ve all experienced bad customer service, been fuming when things go wrong or disappointed when you try to buy local, but why does it happen, and does it matter? 925 more words


Make Up Your Mind

The other day I had a woman call in who definitely didn’t know what she wanted. I had to be very careful as we are non-advised sales. 241 more words

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Remembrance Day & Poppy Burning

Ok, I am about to offend some people here, but poppy burning is something I feel very strongly about. Certain people of the Islamic faith have yet again been burning poppys. 332 more words

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The Right Attitude

As with most companies we have a periodical briefing about how the company is doing. We have a brief talk from several of the directors and get to see some of the innovating ideas that the company has. 137 more words

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Call Centre Explodes!

I’m reading a book about making money on the internet. One section deals with blogs and suggests increasing readership with dramatic headlines. Hence today’s headline. It isn’t actually true. 273 more words

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