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The Paula Bennett Poem

To date, successive national and labour governments have continually passed New Zealanders assets onto corporates. The collosal failure of 1986-87 structural reforms, by Sir Roger Douglas, changed the New Zealand economic landscape and made it a very different country. 1,145 more words

Harassment At Work

There’s been a lot of publicity about harassment at various work places. A lot of court cases with a great deal of money being paid out by companies who could have prevented it. 58 more words

Call Centres

Thinking Positively

It’s often very hard to think positive when you’re at work, something that people in a variety of jobs would probably agree with. I have been trying very hard to be positive these last few months. 234 more words

Call Centres

How to complain to a call centre

At first glance call-centres and restaurants couldn’t appear more different, but the way I see it they’re really quite similar. Both feature itinerant workforces doing long hours with low pay running the gauntlet of dealing with the general public day in day out. 561 more words

Accused Of Being Racist By The UK Government

This is a letter I received today regarding an assessment I had by Atos Healthcare where I have been accused of being racist by the Department for Work & Pensions – A UK Government Body. 1,439 more words


Multichannel Call Centres are the Key to Future Success

Call centres are at the heart of customer contact services, and this will remain the case for many years to come, but there is no denying that businesses need to provide a range of contact options to suit the needs of their client base. 404 more words

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