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Thank you 46 - Call-centres

My Internet went down last night just after I’d posted yesterday’s blog. Thank God, says you, what would we have done if it happened before I’d posted? 656 more words

Script Changes

Yet again we have script changes. The be all and end all gospel of the call centre has again been changed. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing this time. 191 more words

Call Centres

Royally pissed!

I hate being stressed out about something so trivial… But here’s my rant. I need to release some steam…(Sorry for the typos, I couldn’t possibly read over this rant and live through the emotions again!) 1,041 more words

Still Able To Think?

The Paula Bennett Poem

To date, successive national and labour governments have continually passed New Zealanders assets onto corporates. The collosal failure of 1986-87 structural reforms, by Sir Roger Douglas, changed the New Zealand economic landscape and made it a very different country. 1,145 more words

Harassment At Work

There’s been a lot of publicity about harassment at various work places. A lot of court cases with a great deal of money being paid out by companies who could have prevented it. 58 more words

Call Centres

Thinking Positively

It’s often very hard to think positive when you’re at work, something that people in a variety of jobs would probably agree with. I have been trying very hard to be positive these last few months. 234 more words

Call Centres