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My Boiler?

One of my colleagues recounted a call she had from a gentleman wishing to insure his boiler. She began by asking for the details of his boiler: make, model, age, fuel. 191 more words

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Get Your Pen!

I was asked for quotes today. Four quotes that turned into eight. Ten minutes after giving details of each cover and prices the customer then decided he wanted to get his pen. 56 more words

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Good Karma Call Centre

You know that number you don’t recognise that calls you twice a day? The one that once you’ve picked up asks for you to confirm your name before telling you who they are? 387 more words

Wrong Numbers

We get a lot of wrong numbers coming through at the call centre. Most of them don’t bother us at all. The customer apologises and redials. 180 more words

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The depressing world of call centre employment

Over the past seven years, 25-year-old Samantha Devine has worked at four call centres, starting at the first immediately after graduating high school. She is now unemployed, taking anti-anxiety medication and anti-depressants and has been through several rounds of therapy. 841 more words


Phoning While Driving

We have many customers who phone us while driving.

‘I’m on hands-free.’ They say.

Now, it is against the law in the UK to be using a hand-held phone while driving, stopped at traffic lights, or in a traffic queue. 456 more words

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Questions And Answers

We have to ask customers a multitude of questions at the call centre, to get the answers we need to set up the policy they require. 220 more words

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