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Real Housewife in Dhaka - Roma

Real Housewife for Incall and Outcall in some places only ! Just Email !!

Roma is available in Day Time Only. So ONLY SERIOUS people email in this Page. 63 more words

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Hello wide world...

Hello wide world…

Having spent the last few years “underground” around the world, a well-known and trusted name to a very select and small group, we have decided to launch ourselves to the wider world. 161 more words

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Who am I?

One of the biggest ways I survived being abused when I was a child was to develop the ability to read my abusers and become what they wanted me to be. 314 more words

So.. heres a picture of me, at the agency I will be working at next week. Yes, its pretty explicit. (Sorry ^^) This is a high class agency, and charge high, but i still only receive half. 98 more words

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Truth about being a call girl:

So, few friends that i have told my secrets too, have either been intrigued, or, have been accepting but thought its something that they would NEVER do. 511 more words

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Why i don't want a boyfriend for a very long time..

I don’t know why people bother dating, especially at my age. I don’t know if i believe in ‘love at first sight’, but i do believe in love. 589 more words

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My doggie

 So this is the pup that i will be getting in the next 3 weeks. In this picture, he is only 4 weeks old. He was supposed to be sent down to where i am at the moment, and me drive up to the city where i am stopping to work for 2 weeks. 111 more words

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