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Who am I?

One of the biggest ways I survived being abused when I was a child was to develop the ability to read my abusers and become what they wanted me to be. 314 more words

So.. heres a picture of me, at the agency I will be working at next week. Yes, its pretty explicit. (Sorry ^^) This is a high class agency, and charge high, but i still only receive half. 98 more words

Call Girl

Truth about being a call girl:

So, few friends that i have told my secrets too, have either been intrigued, or, have been accepting but thought its something that they would NEVER do. 511 more words

Call Girl

Why i don't want a boyfriend for a very long time..

I don’t know why people bother dating, especially at my age. I don’t know if i believe in ‘love at first sight’, but i do believe in love. 589 more words

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My doggie

 So this is the pup that i will be getting in the next 3 weeks. In this picture, he is only 4 weeks old. He was supposed to be sent down to where i am at the moment, and me drive up to the city where i am stopping to work for 2 weeks. 111 more words

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Sex, Drugs And Money.

After much discussion between myself and the most important man in my life, Max, he came to the conclusion “Why not do something you’d do anyway, but for money?” 250 more words

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Beauty hassles

So im tryna figure out whether now, i do a certificate or diploma in beauty. The diploma is double the price of the certificate, and would mean extra debt. 91 more words

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