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A Call to Arms

We would like to start a political activism group to raise awareness of Polyamory in Australia. First by creating a census for Polyamorous people in each electorate and contacting each member in the electorates which have Polyamorous people living in them asking them to explain their stance on Polyamory and posting them to our blog and in the future our website. 121 more words


How long has it been!?

(Because it kinda feels like a 100 years for me)

Hey people! Sorry I’ve been so long without posting anything, I was just to lazy to do it. 469 more words

Status Update

The American Christian Today

Let’s talk about what it means to be an American Christian these days.

Americans go through a rather long process when describing who they are. We have names, ages, and all the regular stuff I imagine most people on earth use to identify themselves with. 1,426 more words

Everything Else

Call to War

Many pawns, millions and billions, call them up to war.  The blind, the lame. the Deaf, the mute, call them just the same. 

Supply them all with black uniforms, and cover for their face.  194 more words


Are you dead?

(The answer is: Maybe. I’m not sure…)

Well guys, before anything, this is not your usual “Founder”/battlefeverJNB, this is Someone new talking to you all, I just wanted to drop by to give you some explanations in any ways I can, but I just didn’t knew how to handle it. 622 more words

Status Update

Decebal to his people

Proceeding on the idea of defending and protecting what’s yours, against all odds and come what may, I remembered something my father gave me along in life, which is this poem concerning the alledged speech that the dacian king Decebal held before the defenders of the Sarmisegetuza citadel: 332 more words

Quoting Everything

To the sons of Europe

It is time to drop all that talking and do some working.

Europe, our fatherland, is under siege from all sides. The light which once burned so bright is about to be extinguished. 439 more words