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Okay, so doing the 21 Day Drawing Challenge was a bit of a fail for me since I have been epicly busy. Because of this, I am going to try to make a real effort to draw, take photos, etc more and I’ll be posting what I get done on here. 57 more words

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Full Circle: the Egypt Tour 2014

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2014 marks my return to Egypt,to do a series of shows in Alexandria and Cairo. 191 more words

How to mail ants

I know you’ve been wondering how to send ants through the mail — something our underfunded education system never taught you how to do!

Kieran and I… 352 more words

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What are your five favorite words?

The words that I love in my life are 武, 仁, 家, 愛, and 義.
Throughout the life, the word’s preference has changed on the list, but it has not been out of these. 15 more words

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