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From the Very Start...

Make a difference…That’s all I’ve ever wanted. 

My first year in college is almost complete and here lately I’ve been struggling more than ever. It seems like no matter where I turn things are changing (usually not in the directions I would like them to). 773 more words


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……..But few are chosen, as the bible verse says. And my interpretation is that everyone on this earth has been called but because we can make our own choices as to how we live, enlightenment seems to be the road less traveled. 514 more words


Understanding Our Own Calling

Today’s Prayer,

Dear God, You have instructed me to not be anxious, worrisome, overly concerned for any thing…but instead to bring everything to you in prayer and thanksgiving. 534 more words

Prime Time With God

Why I'm Not a Pastor

Over the years I’ve had people ask me why I didn’t become a pastor. Because I preach fairly regularly and work with churches, some people actually think I am ordained. 217 more words


Calling by Zac Saum

Growing up my family went to church off and on until I got to high school when we stopped going to church all together. From my experience going to church, I often felt a connection to God and knew He was calling me. 434 more words


SBS gets your Advertisement Expenditure more efficient & rewarding

We have a Revolutionary platform in Telecom industry, which would be the next BIG thing, “Imagine, calling free without internet from any kind of telephone to any kind of telephone”. 166 more words


Finding Your Calling

If the question is, “What should I be doing?”

The answer is, “Praying.” (tweet that)

And then, if after praying you still are asking the question, “What should I be doing?” 67 more words