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Time for a Great Cartoon! (meaning of life)

It’s amazing, but we live in a culture that doesn’t encourage our asking, “Why are we here?”  The search for meaning and significance gets squeezed out by entertainment and the busyness of life.  76 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

The Winston’s Diary Guide to Winter Storms 2015

As I don’t want to leave my New England readers out in the cold, I wanted to write a short article with some suggestions on what to do for those trapped inside by the blizzard. 751 more words

Time for a Great Cartoon (attacks!)

What attacks are you facing in this New Year?  Spiritual lethargy?  Misplaced priorities?  Undeserved criticism?  Unforeseen challenges from behind you?

If you think you aren’t going to encounter any attacks — and you’re a believer… 86 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

The Truth about Philosophers: How to Get Your Mom to Give You a Cookie

In the summer of 1536, a young philosopher and theologian named John Calvin, having recently gotten himself into trouble in his native Catholic France by writing about his unique brand of Protestantism, arrived at an inn in Geneva, Switzerland. 790 more words


Time for a Great Cartoon! (instructions)

Only sissies follow the instructions?!  Calvin illustrates the fact that (especially for us men) many of us think we are beyond following the instructions.  We would rather put things together on our own. 115 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

Comic Strip Nostalgia...

As a twenty something (non cycling) punk, Calvin & Hobbes was one of my absolute favorite comic strips and to this day still is! Bill Wattersons take and homage to the bicycle is both heartwarming and incredibly funny all at once….and for cyclists, oh so apropos!