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Why can't I pick it up at the store?

So, one of my kids is having a birthday and my mom wanted me to order a book she could give him – the Complete Calvin & Hobbes. 547 more words


My Younger Self...

Recently I have been thinking a lot. Well I’m always thinking, but more about my degree and the situation I’m in. Now I’m not going to say life is hard and complain for the whole post, after all there are people in worse situations, but for me I tend to analyse and dissect everything to conclude to my variable outcomes and possible choices and I feel that I have failed. 608 more words



“Mr. Roadman.”

The two masters of loopholes, Charles Roadman and a genie, stood in the middle of a massive field; today was their monthly game of Calvinball. 650 more words

Short Story

Bill Watterson says:

“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.”

Monday Motivation: Don't Let This Happen To You, Kids

“Grow up!”

“Act your age!”

“Show some maturity!”

“Get a real job!”

If you hear any of these comments directed at you as an adult, you’re in the presence of a soul killer. 59 more words