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Celebrating One Year; 19-Dec-2014

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you are a kid. 413 more words

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Time for a Great Cartoon! (need to apologize)

May I ask you a rather personal question?  Is there anyone you need to apologize to?  Sometimes we can allow bitternesses and little hurts to accumulate in our hearts, when a simply apology will cleanse a relationship and give us a healthy dose of humility. 69 more words

Calvin & Hobbes

this sounds a realistic adaptation...

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Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin & Hobbes

Watterson, Bill.  The Revenge Of The Baby-Sat.  Kansas City, Andrews and McMeel, 1991.  Pg. 112.

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Calvin, Drugs & You

Something dawned on me as I’m watching TV. All of these drug commercials peddling their wares to people with ulcers, baldness and things that way. In and of themselves, not to serious problems to begin with, it would seem. 722 more words


Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, May 30, 1986 on GoComics.com

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, May 30, 1986 on GoComics.com.

I’m having a mini meltdown today. Calvin & Hobbes always gives me a good chuckle. I thought I’d share.