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One of Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes strips uses Calvin’s wagon ride to show how one simple decision can branch out into unforeseen consequences. You can see it here. 61 more words

My Calvin & Hobbes Sweatshirt

Finally, one of my kids has turned out to be a Calvin & Hobbes fan and was excited when I offered to pass my Calvin & Hobbes sweatshirt to her. 451 more words


Top 10 Comic Strip Secrets

The funny pages may seem like little more than a pleasant morning’s diversion, something to chuckle at over coffee and toast, but the truth is there are more sordid stories behind the panels than fleas on Marmaduke! 207 more words


Sent to Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

My favorite postcard I’ve created so far in this venture! A repurposed snack box, a little Calvin & Hobbes…

The title of this swap-bot trade is “What are you reading?”  I read a lot, and a lot concurrently, so I wrote really small on this one.   42 more words