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Thrift Store Finds: Robotman - The Untold Story

This week, we’re going to look at Robotman: The Untold Story by Jim Meddick, published by Topper Books in 1986.

I paid a quarter for this bad boy and truth be told, I’ve been looking for some Robotman stuff to talk about here for quite awhile.

Thrift Store Finds

What's Left of Me

I think what you do is amazing.

—Sherlock, “Elementary”

Forgive me for giving this post such an emo title, but bear with me, it has a point.

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Life life aloof

Yesterday I drove up the valley to Kelowna.  I really notice the difference between the drivers here and in Kelowna.
In Penticton, my usual complaint about my fellow citizens is for them to stop dragging their feet and drive! 190 more words

"Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us"

 A couple of months ago, I was reading a TED blog, when I found this piece on making your life more surprising. Now, I didn’t even know that surprisologist was even a word, even less, a profession, but it is.   357 more words


NPM: "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers" by Adrienne Rich

I’ve been reading Calvin & Hobbes lately, so I’ve been in a kind of tiger-y mood, but also this is just a really good poem. It subtly confronts the institutional sexism that has been inherent in marriage in much of the world for many long centuries and has only started to level out in the last 50 years or so. 130 more words



The cheese slicer. All these years, that is what I called it. Despite being one of my favorite and definitely essential kitchen utensil, I never thought much about its origins. 670 more words

Wild Love

What does it take to be wise?

What does it take to be wise?  Is it?

  1. Read Calvin and Hobbes faithfully and meditate
  2. Mars bars and Caesar salad
  3. learn from your mistakes…
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Thinking Out Loud