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Sent to Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

My favorite postcard I’ve created so far in this venture! A repurposed snack box, a little Calvin & Hobbes…

The title of this swap-bot trade is “What are you reading?”  I read a lot, and a lot concurrently, so I wrote really small on this one.   42 more words


Painting a skunk

We’re in the middle of creating another metal decoration for our mailbox. Right now we have Calvin & Hobbes -

We got this one, of Pepe le Pew, ready to start when our foreign exchange student, Vivian, arrived, just in case she would like to see a project from start to finish. 281 more words

Favorite Things


I find that myself thinking less about loan debt the more time goes by. Because it’s not really on me, you see. The costs of education have ballooned to the point where you would have to be either Mitt Romney or a redheaded lesbian Olympic skater in order to get the inheritance or scholarships necessary to get out of college debt-free, so I’m trying not to worry overmuch about the fact that my debt is almost $2,000 larger than it was when I graduated simply due to interest. 1,132 more words


O Captain, My Captain

Robin Williams’ death has affected me deeply. I and countless others grew up knowing and loving his impressions, his characters, that sunny smile that projected so easily. 644 more words

Day 173: Mud pie

Sunday, 22 June 2014

I’ve become a supporting character in a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip.

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