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Rules of English you can breakā€”or are already breaking

You’ll need some time to read about of few of these rules in this article by Steven Pinker, a linguist who has written several books about language. 145 more words

Dear Calvin Trillin, (or The Mammogram Woman Made Me Cry)

Dear Mr. Trillin,

I’ve never before written to someone whom I did not know (other than the official, “To Whom it May Concern” letters, which we all must write on occasion, of course) and am still unsure about the whole idea. 1,658 more words

Reporting on Police Reporters

Edna Buchanan moved to Miami in the 1960’s, and became one of the first female crime reporters for the Miami Herald. She has spent the last few decades creating a name for herself as a writer, novelist and journalist. 558 more words