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The Huguenots (reprised) -- part 1

In 2013, I devoted most of the month of August to writing about the Huguenots: early French Protestants.

Many Huguenots had to leave France; others were persecuted. 101 more words


Reformed Baptists (1689) and the Christian Sabbath

Through study of the puritans and church history, and online reformed Baptist theology discussion groups, I am now more aware of the differences among various types of Calvinist Baptist groups, even among non-denominational, “reformed Baptist” type churches. 827 more words

Christian Authors

On the deity of Christ, part 2 of 2

“This One was not Jehovah God, but was ‘existing in God’s form.’ He was a spirit person, he was a mighty one, although not Almighty as Jehovah God is… He was a God, but not the Almighty God, who is Jehovah.” 912 more words


Religious worship is due to God alone

Passages of Scripture subversive of the Papistical distinction, and proving that religious worship is due to God alone. Perversions of Divine worship.

3. Laying aside subtleties, let us examine the thing. 578 more words

John Calvin

Misunderstanding Original Sin

Some of the blogs I read each week have been talking about Calvinism or original sin / total depravity and the explanation of sin from either a Calvinist view point or an Arminian viewpoint.  600 more words

God's Love

To expose or to leave alone? A question on how to handle corruption in the church.

I have a question, one that I’ve been struggling with for some time and one I really don’t have an answer for — If I’m a member of a church and am aware of corruption or sin by the pastor or someone in leadership, am I obligated to bring said sin to light? 592 more words


Enyart on Calvinism Being Evil

From Bob Enyart’s debate with Gene Cook:

Enyart: You assert God has decreed that a five year old boy would be sodomized for how many minutes on what video sold to who.

52 more words