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Single, return to Calypso

A previous client commissioned us to take them from Arkadia to Calypso and back again. The stopover was for only about 20 minutes and the return journey was a logged off transport. 51 more words


What's Going On In Don's World?

A year can go by in the blink of an eye, or in Mad Men terms (waiting around to see what happens to Don Draper and the folks at SC&P)  it can seem infinite. 284 more words


Do You Calypso? Reinvention

I’m a little behind on this, but did you know Dr. Maya Angelou used to be a Calypso dancer & singer?

I came across a picture on my Pinterest of her backstage at one of her concerts and I had to know more. 175 more words



The Rudebuoyz is doing it, stay tuned for more with this getup ha ha haha


Saturday Beach day

Beach day, when all us young people would rush to the beach, and all the Sagaboi dem would try to pick up women, and all the cricketers and footballers would start up games alone the three mile beach, and venders would try to see their good to the tourists, and cops would make sure that the horny teenagers are not making out, and Grums the village drunk will run down the beach, trip and fall because his pants had dropped to his ankles, and a group of friends would be dancing to the calypso music from a boom box, oh yes, Saturday was always beach day and beach day means lots of good times was had.


Easter Ensembles

We are so happy that Spring is in full swing! Now that winter is over, we are coveting colorful clothing to wear for all of our upcoming events and family gatherings in April and May! 194 more words


The Rudebuoyz radio show tonight at 10 pm

The Rudebuoyz are so good they should be arrested. Call Babylon, tek dem wey. Tonight from 10 pm to midnight. Musiuc, rant, jokes for so. Tune in… 15 more words