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L'incontournable passage au tout numérique

L’évolution du domaine dentaire, de ses attentes, de ses techniques et de ses outils force l’industrie qui gravite autour de ses acteurs à se transformer. 484 more words


Mobius ActionCam 1080p HD Camera With Dash Cam Kit. (32GB)

The full HD Mobius ActionCam is capable of recording video in 1080p @ 30fps, as well as 720p at either 60fps or 30fps. The rechargeable internal 520 mah battery provides approximately 80 minutes of recording time per charge. 177 more words

Pet Policies for Your HOA

Pet policies are an important HOA issue, but one that can be very troublesome to deal with. Pet ownership can be a sensitive topic owners and residents alike, which adding an additional level of stress for an HOA when it comes time to enforce rules regarding animals.

Community Association

What on Earth is Integrated Medicine?!

Dear reader, I know you’re smart and can make an educated guess. It would probably have to do with incorporating a wide variety of healing techniques, right?

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Holistic & Integrative Health

Still Totally a Coincidence

    It’s one of those days I’m working the very late shift, one of those I really wish I wasn’t. Thumping music, having to wear a bunny ear headband which soon will be a full-blown outfit as I was prewarned, and just simply not the best of moods. 956 more words

Earth Day

Oliver would like to help the earth. However earth day is a no school day and he likes to do fun stuff on those days. So he’d like to help the earth a different day